The Studio C Artists Acting & Filmmaking Institute is an all-encompassing studio for the professional actor and filmmaker, based in Los Angeles, CA. Co-founders John Coppola and Michael Sonntag have used their combined years of experience directing, producing, casting, and performing, to build a curriculum of acting classes, private coaching, career-related seminars, and filmmaking workshops, geared for students of all ages and levels of experience, including A-list Hollywood clients.

The acting coursework emphasizes The New Approach, a unique formula taught only at Studio C, which has been cultivated and perfected over the last 10 years. The proof is in the track record: 2 out of 3 auditioning clients booked roles in the last several pilot seasons. The filmmaking training is designed to offer the entrepreneurial artist (actors and other industry “hyphenates”) an opportunity to delve into various aspects of the creative process of producing a moving image.



In the most recent Pilot Seasons 2 OUT OF EVERY 3 Auditioning Clients Booked Roles in TV & Film Projects.
Pioneers in The New Approach


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