Stage & Screen Production

Studio C Artists Productions is an independent film, television, and live theater production company, which focuses on features, documentaries, television programming, and webisodes – mainly created in-house, and for theatrical release. We have several projects in development currently – of which, DETOUR is to be the first to go into production.

Studio C Artists is truly a three-fold entity – with each division crossing over to support the other. Studio C Casting is a full service film and television casting office that specializes in both theatrical and commercial projects. Having built up relationships with some of the top agents and managers in Hollywood, as well as amassing an array of top acting clients who have been coached for various roles over the years, we feel well-positioned to deal with the inner-workings of the casting process (from both sides of the fence). This know-how, in turn, assists each of our productions in securing its own casts and helps to make entrees into some of those doors which often seem difficult to open in Hollywood. Next, the Studio C Artists Acting & Filmmaking Institute is an all-encompassing acting studio and film company, which offers a curriculum of acting classes, career-related seminars, and filmmaking workshops. This creates a win-win situation for both the school and the production company – allowing us to access a varied client base of significant talent (and their reps) when it comes to our own projects. In addition to counting many major film & TV stars as clients, we have executive produced a number of short films in the past four years for the institute’s film group – many of which have won various film festival awards and accolades – and created new opportunities for Studio C within the filmmaking community.

In short, Studio C Artists, Inc. combines several elements within the entertainment industry, to create a unique synergy – one which ultimately makes each production more efficient and effective.


For More Information
Tel: (323) 988-1175

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