Casting: “Apple Valley DAR Literary Appreciation Event”

DAR women

Studio C Artists is casting for its next stage production to go up later this fall – “The Apple Valley Daughters Of The American Revolution Literary Appreciation Event“.  Submission instructions are below.

The show will be produced in our theatre space along Theatre Row in Hollywood starting the third weekend in October – rehearsals will be in September and October, pending actors schedules.

Breakdowns have been posted on Actors Access and LA Casting (the links are embedded in the name of each role below).  Please submit through either one those two systems (only one is necessary).  If you cannot submit through one of these two systems, please email

All information about rehearsal and performance schedule are in the notes of the breakdown below.



Live Theatre

Satire/comedy/readings performed at Studio C Artists.

Casting Director: Studio C Artists
Audition Date(s):  8/27
Callback Date(s):            TBD
Start Date:          September/October (rehearsals), 10/15-11/5 (performances)
Location:            Hollywood, CA
Pay Rate:          There is no pay.

Additional Personnel and Production Info:
Artistic Director:   John Coppola
Producer:           Michael Sonntag
Collaborators:     Robin McDonald & Blaire Baron Larsen

Submission Instruction: SUBMISSIONS BY 12PM FRI 8/26

Special Notes:

There will be four performances – Saturday nights at 8PM (10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11/5) – leading up to the November election. Rehearsals will be scheduled off of actors availability in the preceding month and a half.

The Apple Valley DAR “celebrates” our constitution’s first amendment with an evening of selected readings of erotica (AKA bad 70’s porn) while portraying earnest, conservative members of The Daughters of the American Revolution. This is a satire/social commentary.  Here’s a link to the Facebook page:

Character Descriptions and Notes (Storyline):

[APPLE VALLEY DAR MEMBER]  Female. Any age. Any ethnicity. Transgender welcome. Earnest, genuine, and reserved.  Conservative-leaning in politics – She’s for all things that make America great again… building a wall, guns, and family values.  Her clothing and hair are modest – nothing flashy for this gal.  She would fit in with almost any soccer-Mom she met.  Comedic timing an absolute must.  Strong improv skills necessary.  Not for the weak of heart or sensibilities – this is satire and you will be reading porn. There are eleven members in total – a few of the spots have already been cast.  LEAD

Sides Choice 1

Sides Choice 2

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