Casting: Audition For “Campfire Stories” This Monday, 2/15, 12-4pm

Campfire Pinecone

We are putting together our next production, Rachel Burcham’s Campfire Stories.  Casting has begun, and auditions will be open call this Monday, February 15th from 12pm Noon to 4pm at Studio C Artists in Hollywood Theatre Row.  The show will be produced in our theatre space along in Hollywood starting the third weekend in March.  If you’re interested in being in this show, join us please.  Instructions are below.

Full script is available online by clicking here. (COMING SOON)

The breakdown has been posted on Backstage (the links are embedded in the name of each role below).  Submissions are not necessary (just show up to the open call), but if you have any questions, please email

REHEARSALS/SCHEDULE:  Rehearsals will be scheduled during the following times, based on cast availability (a more detailed schedule will be determined once the show is cast):

Mondays through Friday (daytime)
Mondays or Thursdays (evening)
Saturdays & Sundays (9AM-6PM)

Additional rehearsals will be scheduled as needed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights.

These times are just guidelines for availability for the show (i.e., the actual rehearsals will only include part of these times).

2/15-2/18 – Auditions
2/19-3/16 – Rehearsals Start (run for 4 Weeks) – see rehearsal times
3/14 – MANDATORY Cue-to-Cue Rehearsal (time TBD)
3/15 – MANDATORY Tech Rehearsal (time TBD)
3/16 – MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal (time TBD)
3/19 – Opening Night (8PM)

Shows run on Fridays & Saturdays, every weekends through 4/9.

Check back here regularly for current information about our production and rehearsal schedule.



Live Theatre – Non-union

World premiere of Rachel Burcham’s play, directed by J. Bailey Burcham.

Casting Director: Studio C Artists
Audition Date(s): 2/15 (others TBD)
Callback Date(s): TBD
Start Date: 2/19-3/16 (rehearsals), 3/18-4/9 (performances)
Location: Hollywood, CA
Pay Rate: There is no pay.

Additional Personnel and Production Info:
Producer: Michael Sonntag
Artistic Director: John Coppola
Assoc. Artistic Director: J. Bailey Burcham


Special Notes:

Play runs one hour.  Eight performances.  Play performances will be Friday and Saturday nights (8PM). Rehearsals will take place some weekday afternoons and evenings, and on the weekends – for roughly four weeks prior to opening – based on cast availability.  Mandatory Rehearsals: cue-to-cue rehearsal 3/14; tech rehearsal 3/15; dress rehearsal 3/16 – times TBD.

Character Descriptions and Notes (Storyline):

“Campfire Stories” follows four women through four chapters of their friendship, beginning with their final night at the summer camp where they met as young girls. We follow them through four defining moments in their relationships, interspersed with “campfire stories” told by each character revealing the secrets that keep them together and those that keep them apart.

[SHANIA]  Female, 20-30, All Ethnicities. Powerful, but delicate. Beautiful in a “granola” kind of way. A hilarious, empowered but insecure flower child prone to abusive relationships. She is the Matriarch of the group.  LEAD

[AMBER]  Female, 20-30, All Ethnicities. Uniquely gorgeous. A sexual assault survivor wildly afraid of being cookie-cutter, she likes to shock people and “be different”.  LEAD

[TESS]  Female, 20-30, All Ethnicities. Pretty, but plain. Physically and emotionally weak. Very smart but socially awkward, a people-pleaser who keeps her struggles to herself.  LEAD

[TRUDY]  Female, 20-30, All Ethnicities. Sexy. Experienced. People are attracted to her and she knows how to manipulate that to her advantage. Self-possessed with a hard shell.  LEAD

[MAN]  Male, 20-40, All Ethnicities. Strong physical presence. Stage Movement required. Plays multiple roles, embodying all of the male roles in the stories told by the women.  SUPPORTING



Auditions will be on Monday, February 15th from 12pm Noon to 4pm.  Open call.  Please show up anytime during that time frame.
Women: Prepare 2 contrasting monologues; Bring headshot and resume; Total package under 3 minutes.
Men: Just show up; Bring headshot and resume.
Prepare to move AND possibly sing acapella.

Location:  Studio C Artists, 6448 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038 (enter through side of building at 1051 Cole Ave.)

For more details, please email

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