Casting Notice: “September 12th” – Submit ASAP

A colleague of Studio C is producing an indie film called “September 12th”.  The project is posted on Breakdown Services.  It shoots for several weeks in L.A. soon – they are currently casting.

There are several roles they are looking to fill – the casting specs are below.  Anyone interested can contact Fiona Walsh at the info below – tell you you came through Studio C.  They will look at these submissions separately.

Fiona Walsh
415.254.6743 (cell)

ANN (50s) – Female, white. Terminally non-confrontational. Motherly to the max. Insists the house is a mess even when it’s spotless. The events of 9/11 have yet to be fully processed by her by the time she appears in our story. But this comes as no surprise as she’s never been overly concerned with world events and certainly not matters of politics; she thinks it uncouth to speak of. This part was written for Ann Dowd.

MIKE (50s-60s) – Male, black. Has lived most of his life in the South and as a result battled racism in various forms for many years. While falling in love with a white woman there were many moments when he debated whether it was worth it or not. But now that he’s married and raising a biracial daughter he wants nothing more than for her to be safe and to not have to confront the injustices he continues to struggle against. A military man whose convictions are as strong as you’ll ever encounter; he now fights only for his family.

JIMMY (early 20s) – A young African-American man growing up in Bristol, TN who is desperately trying to figure out what to do with his life but has thus far only come to the conclusion that rent is cheap in his parents’ house. 9/11 sparks in him an immediate desire to enlist and become part of the fight. In a way it gives him purpose though he’s not necessarily in what anyone would consider “battle-ready” shape…

FARGO (late 50s-early 60s) – An Asian-American cowboy who has spent the majority of his life living off the land in the Southwest. He’s a small-town fella who knows everyone in the local watering hole and likes to keep it that way. As soon as someone new rolls into town he makes sure to welcome them and make them feel right at home, just as his neighbors and friends did for him so many years ago.

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