Casting: Actors Can Submit For Our Holiday Show – Runs 11/13-12/12


It’s getting to be that time of year again – and around Studio C, that means we’re getting ready for another holiday show.  We’re once again looking for actors who love theater and want to be involved in our next production of all new short plays!  Submission instructions are below.

We’re currently casting for Studio C Artists’ HOLIDAY SHOW, to be produced in our theatre space along Theatre Row in Hollywood starting the second weekend in November (note: there are NOT performances on over the Thanksgiving holiday).  Here’s your chance to join in the fun – all original material, top-notch directors, and a first-rate production.


Full scripts are available online by clicking here.

Breakdowns have been posted on Actors Access and LA Casting (the links are embedded in the name of each role below).  Please submit through either one those two systems (only one is necessary).  If you cannot submit through one of these two systems, please email

REHEARSALS/SCHEDULE:  Rehearsals will be scheduled during the following times, based on each directors’s availability (a more detailed schedule will be posted once each One Act is cast):

Mondays through Thursdays (daytime)
Fridays (Late Afternoon/Early Evening)
Saturdays & Sundays (9AM-7PM)

Additional rehearsals will be scheduled as needed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights.

These times are just guidelines for availability for all of the pieces (i.e., each play will only be allotted part of these times).

9/23/15-9/28/15 – Auditions
9/28/15 – Rehearsals Start (run for 6 Weeks) – see rehearsal times
11/9/15 – MANDATORY Cue-to-Cue Rehearsal (4:00-7:30PM)
11/10/15 – MANDATORY Tech Rehearsal (4:00-7:30PM)
11/12/15 – MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal (4:00-7:30PM)
11/13/15 – Opening Night (8PM)

Shows run on Fridays & Saturdays, every weekends through 12/12/15 (excluding the Thanksgiving holiday weekend).

Check back here regularly for current information about our production and rehearsal schedule.  We will be updating this page when we lock the schedules in place.


Live Theatre

Three one-act plays performed as part of the Studio C Artists holiday show.

Casting Director: Studio C Artists
Audition Date(s):  9/23-9/28
Callback Date(s):            TBD
Start Date:          9/28-11/12 (rehearsals), 11/13-12/12 (performances)
Location:            Hollywood, CA
Pay Rate:          There is no pay.

Additional Personnel and Production Info:
Producer:           Michael Sonntag
Artistic Director:   John Coppola
Directors:           J. Bailey Burcham, Will Gressman, & Edgar Pablos

Submission Instruction: SUBMISSIONS BY 12PM WED 9/23

Special Notes:  Each play will have eight performances. Play performances will be Friday and Saturday nights (8PM). Rehearsals will take place some weekday afternoons, and on the weekends – for roughly six weeks prior to opening. Mandatory rehearsals: tech rehearsals 11/9 or 11/10 @ 4:00-7:30pm; dress rehearsals 11/12 @ 4:00-7:30pm.

Character Descriptions and Notes (Storyline):  Each play is listed below with a quick synopsis and the character breakdowns.


Synopsis:  Fired from her volunteer position at the Suicide and Crisis Hotline Center, Caroline is determined to have fun at her sister, Jackie’s “holiday” party. Unfortunately, Jackie’s husband mistakes Caroline’s industrial strength sleeping medication for powdered sugar and uses it to decorate the cookies served at the event. The cookies are a KNOCK OUT! Jackie’s Party?
The SLEEPER hit of the SEASON!

[CAROLINE #1] Female. Caucasian. Early 30’s. Lovable, yet disturbed – in an off-kilter sort of way. She’s the edgiest of the three sisters. Less concerned with what people think. She’s pretty – but less confident about it. Aims to do good (she volunteers a lot), but gets mired down by all of it. She’s more emotional than the others – she’s threatened to kill herself.

[JACKIE] Female. Caucasian. Mid-Late 30’s. Caroline’s older sister. Strong, maybe a bit overbearing. She loves her husband, but she definitely wears the pants in the family. Concerned about the way things look. Big fan of couples therapy.

[SARA] Female. Caucasian. Late 20’s. Caroline’s younger sister. Very much the free spirit of the three sisters. Concerned about her family, but tries to keep her cool. She works at a restaurant, and is probably more on the bohemian side. Also the prettiest of the three sisters. Nice figure.

[CHAD] Male. Any ethnicity. Mid-Late 30’s. Jackie’s husband. Earnest. Been through way too much couples therapy for any one man, but he’s easy-going enough to just go along with anything. Loves his wife. Always aiming to please. Affable.

[THERESA] Female. Any ethnicity. Late 20’s. Lesbian from the Caribbean. MUST BE ABLE TO DO A CARIBBEAN ACCENT. She’s just learning English, and says very off-putting things. She is eager, friendly, and energetic.

[MONTY] Male. Any ethnicity. 30’s. Chad’s boss. Kind-hearted, good natured. Very friendly guy who can fit in anywhere – makes people feel comfortable. He’s handsome. And maybe a good prospect for Caroline.


Synopsis:  A lonely woman tries to kill herself at Christmas by eating a poinsettia, convinced the plant is poisonous. It’s not, though. So, when a male co-worker shows up to her fake holiday party, surprisingly romance blossoms.

[CAROLINE #2] Female. Any ethnicity. Late 20’s – Early 40’s. Pretty, intelligent, and depressed. She feels she has no friends and nothing to live for – no one would even care if she killed herself on Christmas. She’s tired of trying – and sees no hope. That is until Dwayne enters the picture.

[DWAYNE] Male. Any ethnicity. Late 20’s – Early 40’s. A handsome nerd. He’s introverted, but sweet. Kind of watches life go past his cubicle, wishing he was more proactive. But he’s making an attempt – and the first step is showing up at Caroline’s party. Little does he know that there’s really no party – but maybe he might find his soul mate.


Synopsis:  The North Pole is going broke, but Mrs. Claus and Rudolph have figured out the one way to save it – turn it all into a reality TV show!

[SANTA CLAUS] Male. Caucasian. 40-70+. Yes, the guy with the white beard and the belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly. Real white beard not necessary. But needs to be someone who captures the nature of this jolly gent.

[MRS. CLAUS] Female. Caucasian. 40-70+. She’s a bit more hip maybe than the typical Mrs. Claus we picture – but probably the same look. Should be like everyone’s favorite grandma.

[RUDOLPH] Male. Any ethnicity. 30-70. Yes, the one with the nose so bright. Red nose not necessary. Might describe him as “a little fabulous”.  Would prefer him to be tall.  This version of Rudy is definitely more edgy – he’s a slick accountant with a good business sense. Doesn’t take crap from anyone.

[DANNY] Male or Female. Any ethnicity. 30-50. Your average Hollywood camera guy. No nonsense. Blends into the scenery. Nice guy, just earning a decent living wage.

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