Casting Notice – WAHA Living History Tour – Actors Needed!!

We’re once again very pleased to be volunteering on the casting/coaching for the West Adams Heritage Association – Living History Tour.  This falls outside of the normal casting things we usually work on, but it’s a really fun event and a great cause in Los Angeles – and they are desperately in need of two actors to fill in a few roles.  If you or someone you know is interested and available, please contact Michael Sonntag ASAP at or (323) 988-1175.

See below for details…

The West Adams Heritage Association (WAHA) is holding their annual Living History Tour on Saturday, September 26th at the Rosedale Cemetery on Washington Blvd. in the West Adams District in Los Angeles.

WAHA Annual Living History Tour

If you’re not familiar with the event – it’s really cool!  It’s a walking tour through the cemetery – a lot of prominent Los Angelenos are buried there.  What they do is pick eight/nine people each year who are interred, and have actors portray them.  Then, people tour the cemetery grounds and stop at each of the gravesides, where the actors then tell the audience about the life of the person – dressed in-character with set dressing.  It’s all volunteer-based, so there is no pay – the money collected goes to WAHA for historic preservation resources.

They’re looking last minute for an actor to play two of the characters:


Jackie Kelso

[JACKIE KELSO]  Male. Very light-skinned African American. 20-70.  An American jazz saxophonist, flautist, and clarinetist – born and grew up in Los Angeles.  See pictures for reference – he was very light-skinned – but we definitely want someone who is African American.


Walter Kreps

[WALTER R. KREPS] Male. Caucasian. 25-30.  The first motorcycle police officer killed in the “Line of Duty” with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Click here for more information about the character.

You can see the PDFs attached to get a better idea who they were and what they looked like.  There is very little time commitment involved.  Just one meeting beforehand (and a costume fitting at the same time) – and then the performances the day of the tour – figure early morning until early-mid-afternoon.  There is also a wrap party afterwards which all volunteers are invited to attend.

It is not necessary that you have professional acted before – just a willingness to speak in front of a few groups of people is necessary.  Scripts will be provided, but are only used as a guideline.  They do not need to be memorized and recited by heart – they are just to give each performer the background on the character, so that they can improv their story when they’re telling it.  An acting coach will be on hand to help actors prepare as well.

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