Two More Weekends Left To Hang Out ‘In The Basement’!

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There are on four performances remaining for Studio C Artists’ hit show, IN THE BASEMENT, as it continues its extension after its successful run in this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival.  The show has performances both Friday (“Dank”) & Saturday (“Musty”) at 8PM.  The final weekend is already partly sold out – but there are still plenty of seats available for this coming weekend.  Don’t wait ’til the end and miss out!

This collection of brand new short plays is a collaboration of 3 producers, 5 directors, 8 writers, and 20 actors and is comprised of 8 plays that all take place in a basement setting.  Studio C Artists will showcase 4 of the plays on one night (“Dank”) and the other 4 plays on the next night (“Musty”). Both shows will alternate between Fridays and Saturdays. Please check schedule for details.

“Musty” – runs 7/10, 7/18, & 7/24
SURPRISE by S. L. Daniels – Directed by Rochelle Leffler; Starring Taylor Lee Marr & Mindy Montavon
COROLLARIES by Jonuel Pozo – Directed by John Coppola; Starring Emily Button, Phillip Pruitt, & Kate Robertson
REEL WOOD by Joe Gulla – Directed by Blaire Baron Larsen; Starring William Gressman & Esdras Toissaint
CAPTIVE by Amy Frances Wright – Directed by Amanda Hallman; Starring Cesar Azanza & Anna-Laurie Rives

“Dank” – runs 7/11, 7/17, & 7/25
HOSTAGE SITUATION by Scott Vinci – Directed by Warren Davis; Starring Christina Calph & Jim Shipley
THE BELOW by Blaire Baron Larsen – Directed by Blaire Baron Larsen; Starring Blaire Baron Larsen, Esdras Toissaint, & David Yow
CLEAN ROUTINE by John C. Davenport and Jaryl Draper – Directed by Warren Davis; Starring David Dickerson, Ashley Key, & Taylor Lee Marr
HOMELAND INSECURITY by Maximillian Gill – Directed by Amanda Hallman; Starring Rico Dakhil, Mike Shaffrey, & Brett David Stelter

The ticket price is $15.00 for early bird and $20.00 for general admission (within 24 hours of the performance), and reservations can be made by visiting


“In The Basement: Wait ‘Til You See What’s Down There!”
Runs Fridays & Saturdays Through 7/25 @ 8PM

Studio C Artists
6448 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038
(323) 988-1175

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