Casting: Actors Submit For Hollywood Fringe Festival One-Act Play Series – “In The Basement”!



We’re once again looking for actors who love theater and want to be involved in our next production of all new short plays!  Submission instructions are below.

We’re currently casting for Studio C Artists’ One Act Series – “In The Basement”, to be produced in our theatre space along Theatre Row in Hollywood starting the second weekend in June (note: there are NOT performances on over the 4th of July holiday).  Here’s your chance to join in the fun – all original material, top-notch directors, and a first-rate production.  And the exciting news is that once again we are participating as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  The show has been entered into the festival – so this is a great chance for actors to perform in this fun theatre festival!


Full scripts are available online by clicking here.

Breakdowns have been posted on Actors Access and LA Casting (the links are embedded in the name of each role below).  Please submit through either one those two systems (only one is necessary).  If you cannot submit through one of these two systems, please email

REHEARSALS/SCHEDULE:  Rehearsals will be scheduled during the following times, based on each directors’s availability (a more detailed schedule will be posted once each One Act is cast):

Mondays through Thursdays (daytime)
Fridays (Late Afternoon/Early Evening)
Saturdays & Sundays (9AM-7PM)

Additional rehearsals will be scheduled as needed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights.

There will only be 3-6 rehearsals necessary for each play.  So, these times are just guidelines for availability for all of the pieces (i.e., each play will only be allotted part of these times).

4/18/15 – Auditions
4/25/15 – Callbacks
5/4/15 – Rehearsals Start (run for 5 Weeks) – see rehearsal times
6/9/15 – MANDATORY Tech Rehearsal, Show #1 (4:30-7:30PM)
6/10/15 – MANDATORY Tech Rehearsal, Show #2 (4:30-7:30PM)
6/11/15 – MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal, Show #1 (3:00-5:00PM)
6/11/15 – MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal, Show #2 (5:30-7:30PM)
6/12/15 – Opening Night, Show #1 (8PM)
6/13/15 – Opening Night, Show #2 (8PM)

Shows run on alternating weekends through 7/25/14 (excluding the 4th of July holiday).

Click here to see the schedule online.
Click here for an iCal version of the schedule.

Show #1 – runs 6/12, 6/20, 6/26, 7/11, 7/17, & 7/25

  • Hostage Situation
  • The Below
  • Clean Routine
  • Homeland Insecurity

Show #2 – runs 6/13, 6/19, 6/27, 7/10, 7/18, & 7/24

  • Surprise
  • Corollaries
  • Reel Wood
  • Captive

Check back here regularly for current information about our production and rehearsal schedule.  We will be updating this page when we lock the schedules in place.


Live Theatre

Eight one-act plays performed as part of the Studio C Artists one act series for the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Casting Director: Studio C Artists
Audition Date(s):  4/18-4/19
Callback Date(s):            4/25
Start Date:          5/4-6/11 (rehearsals), 6/12-7/25 (performances)
Location:            Hollywood, CA
Pay Rate:          There is no pay.

Additional Personnel and Production Info:
Producer:           Michael Sonntag
Artistic Director:   John Coppola
Directors:           Blaire Baron Larsen, John Coppola, Amanda Hallman, Rochelle Leffler, & Warren Davis

Submission Instruction: SUBMISSIONS BY 5PM THU 4/16

Special Notes:

Each play will have six performances. Play performances will be Friday and Saturday nights (alternating) – only one performance per week. There will be roughly 3-6 rehearsals per play. Rehearsals will take place some weekday afternoons, and on the weekends. Mandatory rehearsals: tech rehearsals 6/9 or 6/10 @ 4:30-7:30pm; dress rehearsals 6/11 @ 3-5pm or 5:30-7:30pm.

Character Descriptions and Notes (Storyline):

Each play is listed below with a quick synopsis and the character breakdowns.

CAPTIVE by Amy Frances Wright
Director: Amanda Hallman

Synopsis:  Bonnie, a young woman of a wealthy family, is kidnapped and held for ransom in a basement by Gabriel and his brother. Bonnie and Gabriel spend several days together and eventually develop a friend-like relationship. They attempt to define their confusing relationship and, over the course of ten minutes, they watch as it changes completely.

[BONNIE]  Female. 25. Any ethnicity. The daughter of a well-to-do family. She is educated, well-spoken, and she typically takes great pride in her appearance.

[GABRIEL]  Male. 25. Any ethnicity. Lives with his domineering older brother. He is non-threatening and scruffy in a charming, boyish way.

CLEAN ROUTINE by John C. Davenport and Jaryl Draper
Director: Warren Davis

Synopsis: A peculiar society recruits a new member.

[LESTER]  Male. 30’s. Any ethnicity. Leader of this peculiar society – he’s in charge, but maybe not completely of his faculties.

[MARY]  Female. 20’s-30’s. Any ethnicity. Lester’s younger sister and second-in-command of the society. She knows this is strange, but she’s a good sister – so she’s participating for her brother’s sake.

[WILSON]  Male. 20’s-30’s. Any ethnicity. Mary’s beau and potential new recruit for the society.

COROLLARIES by Jonuel Pozo
Director: John Coppola

Synopsis: Following the sudden and tragic death of their parents, three siblings reunite to take care of unfinished business. A secret is revealed, pent-up resentments spark recriminations in this short play that explores the notions of family, duty, love and individual choices and their impermanent and unpinnable nature.

[AIMEE]  Female. Late-20’s. Any ethnicity. Pretty in an edgy sort of way. Free-spirited, sees life as an adventure and is not afraid to test limits. Follows her heart.

[BOBBY]  Male. Mid-20’s. Any ethnicity. Handsome, bookish. Gay, introverted, all creativity.

[CLAIRE] Female. Early-30’s. Any ethnicity. Reserved in appearance. Stern, opinionated, and unforgiving.

Director: Amanda Hallman

Synopsis:  Two secret agents interrogate a supposed terrorist – only problem is, they’ve gotten all the facts wrong. Starts like ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, but ends up more ‘Get Smart’.

[KREBBS]  Male. 30’s. Caucasian, Hispanic, or African-American. Gruff intelligence agent.

[SMYTHE]  Male. 30’s. Caucasian, Hispanic, or African-American. More easy-going intelligence agent.

[ABDUL]  Male. 30’s. Middle Eastern. Descent, well-spoken, and polite. Not actually a terrorist.

Director: Warren Davis

Synopsis:  An innocent housewife is held hostage in her own basement while she and her captor develop a not-so-innocent bond.

[STEVE]  Male. Late-20’s-early-30’s. Any ethnicity. Normal looking guy who can go from tough guy to whiney and insecure in a heartbeat.

[MONA]  Female. Late-20’s-early-30’s. Any ethnicity. Attractive housewife. Vulnerable, yet calm. Knows what she wants and tries to convince Steve to come along for the ride.


REEL WOOD by Joe Gulla
Director: Blaire Baron Larsen

Synopsis:  Redmond and Kyle are forced to live in the basement of their new home!  Why?  Well, Redmond has decided to rent the rest of their home to…
 porn producers!  Kyle has never seen so much vagina in his life.  Kyle is NOT happy.  Redmond is stressed.  Chaos ensues!

[REDMOND]  Male. 30’s. Any ethnicity. Handsome, gay, laid back. If this was ‘The Odd Couple’, he would be Oscar.

[KYLE]  Male. 30’s. Any ethnicity. Handsome, gay, uptight. If this was ‘The Odd Couple’, he would be Felix.

SURPRISE by S. L. Daniels
Director: Rochelle Leffler

Synopsis: A man with serious mommy issues tries to persuade his girlfriend to sleep in his mother’s basement.

[MATT]  Male. Late-20’s. Any ethnicity. Good looking, charismatic. Only problem is he doesn’t know how to stand up to his old-fashioned mother – and is willing to risk his relationship to not hurt her.

[BRIENNA]  Female. Late-20’s. Any ethnicity. Very attractive, strong-willed. Normally in charge of the situation, but because she’s in love, not sure how she got herself in this situation.

THE BELOW by Blaire Baron Larsen
Director: Blaire Baron Larsen

Synopsis: A man brings home an interior designer to redecorate his basement – only to be thwarted in his plans by his down-to-earth aunt.

[JAMES]  Male. Late-30’s-early-40’s. Any ethnicity. Very handsome, smartly dressed. Lives life with a slight disdain for true plebians. A sensitive survivor.

[PHILIPPE]  Male. Early-30’s. Any ethnicity. Speaks French or has a French accent. A young designer from France. Kind, very genuine.

[BUNNY]  Female. 50’s. Any ethnicity. James’ aunt. Never been out of Brooklyn.

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