Tis The Season – Please Remember Us With Your Year-End Charitable Donations!



Happy Holidays from your friends at Studio C Artists.

And in this season of giving, please remember us when you are making your end of the year charitable contributions.  We have just formed a new 501c3 organization called One World Stage & Screen – dedicated to training and redirecting the lives of those at-risk, who otherwise would not have the access nor the means to the performing arts.

You can donate directly online by going to the OWSS website.  Also, there are details there about our membership programs and Capital Fundraising Campaign.


For anyone that has ever experienced the joy and excitement of creating – acting, writing, directing, singing, operating a camera, designing a set, etc. – you know the impact that performing and working in the entertainment industry can make in someone’s life – it has rewards well-beyond the stage or screen. We have seen it too – working with artists in many capacities over the years at Studio C. The performing arts can be such a positive force for change to enrich and redirect people’s lives. How many of you can say the same – that your life is truly better because of the change and growth achieved in the arts. I know that I can. It’s transformative.

Now imagine not being able to experience that kind of transformation because of the cards that life has dealt you. You have the same talent and passions – but don’t have access to the training and on-the-job skills necessary to forge a career on stage and screen.

At One World Stage & Screen – this is our aim – to provide the tools necessary to these individuals so they can participate in the performing arts, when they otherwise would not have the ability to do so. Our mission is to help those considered at-risk… such as troubled and poverty-stricken teenagers, prison inmates, handicapped people, etc.

So, we’re asking each of you to consider making a donation to help transform the life of another person through the performing arts.

Thank you!

We wish you the very best of holidays…
and a blessed New Year!


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