Casting: 8 Paid Roles Available For Daikin “Survive” Commercials

We’re casting for several non-union commercial spots for Diakin – usage is internet and broadcast.  There is a quick turnaround on this one, so submissions are due by Noon Tuesday, 9/16 (tomorrow!). It pays well for non-union.

Check out the breakdown – and submit through either Actors Access or LA Casting (links provided).  Be sure to read all of the details in the notes section. Also, the storyboards are attached for download below.

Daikin “Survive”

Usage: Internet – Web Buyout In Perpetuity; Broadcast – North American Buyout In Perpetuity
Conflicts: None
Description: Web & broadcast commercial spots for Daikin Heating/Cooling.

Casting Director: Studio C Artists
Interview Date(s): 9/17
Callback Date(s): 9/22
Shoot/Start Date: 10/1-10/2
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Pay Rate: $500 flat (including agency percentage) for internet + $2,000 (plus 10%) for broadcast

Additional Personnel and Production Info:
Agency: Sq1
Production Co.: A1 Productions
Director: Tucker Hassler
Producer: Marlon Staggs

Submission Instruction

Special Notes:

Rate is flat per shooting day (including agency percentage). The shoot is two days, but each role will only shoot one day – either 10/1 or 10/2. The rates are divided out for internet and broadcast, and will be paid separately. $500 for internet includes day rate, plus web buyout – it is a flat rate (meaning, there is no additional rep 10%). The agency, Sq1 (Portland office), will handle the North American buyout when the spots are broadcast. The $2000 buyout for broadcast will be contracted separately – and does include a 10% agency percentage. Both buyouts are in perpetuity. All actors must agree to these broad buyout terms.

Character Descriptions and Notes (plus Storyline if applicable):

[BEARSKIN RUG HUSBAND] Male. Caucasian. Mid 30’s. With a quirky, self-involved style, similar in style to a Jason Alexander or a Steve Carell.

[BEARSKIN RUG WIFE] Female. Caucasian or Asian. Late 20’s to mid 30’s. A girl who’s feminine and professional looking, but physically capable underneath. She probably works out three to four times a week or runs. She’s tough and strong underneath her somewhat feminine exterior. Sort of like a Cate Blanchett or a Liv Tyler.

[POWER FAN HUSBAND] Male. Caucasian. Early 30’s. Medium to longish hair (something that would look good blowing in the wind). Athletic and fairly thin. Able to act nonchalant in a high wind and really take on the part. Like an Ed Norton or a Christian Bale.

[POWER FAN WIFE] Female. Caucasian or European. Early 30’s. Thin and able to look a bit grungy (like a Saturday morning laze around the house), but still be beautiful and lanky, like a cat. Like a Natalie Portman.

[COOK PLATE GUY] Male. Caucasian or Hispanic. Early 30’s. Lean and muscular, who looks good in a pair of boxers and a T-shirt, even with some bedhead. The kind of guy that looks good even when he’s sweating – rugged. Someone like a Ryan Gosling.

[COFFEE & SPOON WIFE] Female. Caucasian. Early 30’s. She has beautiful dark eyes and a playful lightness about her, similar to Audrey Tautou. Someone who could really play up the sudden realization that her tongue is stuck to her cereal spoon. Playful look is the key.

[COFFEE & SPOON HUSBAND] Male. Caucasian or European. Late 30’s. Looks successful, but with an artsy side and style similar to Johnny Depp. Maybe he wears glasses – prescription lenses with Wayfarer frames, European shirt, etc. Someone who looks great with a playful spirit.

[DAIKIN COMFORT PRO] Male. Caucasian. 30’s. All-American, friendly, smiling, courteous – guy you can trust. Seasoned pro – been on the job a long time and knows what he’s doing. He’s the Daikin Professional who works on the AC unit and makes house calls. Looks good in a baseball cap – wear a cap to the audition!


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