Casting: Actors Submit For Next One-Act Play Series – “In The Bathroom”!

Hey Actors!  We have eight more great plays going up in September!  We’re once again looking for actors who love theater and want to be involved in our next production of all new short plays!  Submission instructions are below.

We’re currently casting for Studio C Artists’ One Act Series – “In The Bathroom”, to be produced in our theatre space along Theatre Row in Hollywood starting the third weekend in September.  The tagline for this series is – “In The Bathroom: You Don’t Want To Go In There!”  Here’s your chance to join in the fun – all original material, top-notch directors, and a first-rate production.


Full scripts are available online by clicking here.


Breakdowns have been posted on Actors Access and LA Casting (the links are embedded in the name of each role below).  Please submit through either one those two systems (only one is necessary).  If you cannot submit through one of these two systems, please email


REHEARSALS/SCHEDULE:  Rehearsals will be scheduled during the following times, based on each directors’s availability (a more detailed schedule will be posted once each One Act is cast):

Mondays through Thursdays (daytime)
Fridays (Late Afternoon/Early Evening)
Saturdays & Sundays (9AM-7PM)

Additional rehearsals will be scheduled as needed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights.

There will only be 3-6 rehearsals necessary for each play.  So, these times are just guidelines for availability for all of the pieces (i.e., each play will only be allotted part of these times).

7/26/14 – Auditions
8/2/14 – Callbacks
8/11/14 – Rehearsal Week 1 Begins
8/18/14 – Rehearsal Week 2 Begins
8/25/14 – Rehearsal Week 3 Begins
9/1/14 – Rehearsal Week 4 Begins
9/8/14 – Rehearsal Week 5 Begins
9/16/14 – MANDATORY Tech Rehearsal, Show #1 (4:30-7:30PM)
9/17/14 – MANDATORY Tech Rehearsal, Show #2 (4:30-7:30PM)
9/18/14 – MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal, Show #1 (6-8PM)
9/18/14 – MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal, Show #2 (8:30-10:30PM)
9/19/14 – Opening Night, Show #1 (8PM)
9/20/14 – Opening Night, Show #2 (8PM)

Shows run on alternating weekends through 10/25/14.

Click here to see the schedule online.
Click here for an iCal version of the schedule.


Show #1 – runs 9/19, 9/27, 10/3, 10/11, 10/17, & 10/25

  • A Love Like Ours
  • Things We Do When We’re Alone
  • Landon Who Likes To Talk
  • Celebration Of Life

Show #2 – runs 9/20, 9/26, 10/4, 10/10, 10/18 & 10/24

  • The End Theorem
  • Almost Home
  • Refuge
  • Love In A Zombie Apocalypse


Check back here regularly for current information about our production and rehearsal schedule.  We will be updating this page when we lock the schedules in place.



Live Theatre

Eight one-act plays performed as part of the Studio C Artists one act series.

Casting Director:Studio C Artists
Audition Date(s): 7/26
Callback Date(s): 8/2
Start Date: 8/11-9/18 (rehearsals), 9/19-10/25 (performances)
Location: Hollywood, CA
Pay Rate: There is no pay.

Additional Personnel and Production Info:
Producer: Michael Sonntag
Artistic Director: John Coppola
Directors: Christopher Comeau, Dean Donofrio, Amanda Hallman, Rochelle Leffler, & Sabrina Lloyd

Submission Instruction: SUBMISSIONS BY 5PM THU 7/24


Special Notes:

Each play will have six performances. Play performances will be Friday and Saturday nights (alternating) – only one performance per week. There will be roughly 3-6 rehearsals per play. Rehearsals will take place some weekday afternoons, and on the weekends.

For more information about rehearsal schedules and the series itself – and for sides and scripts, go to


Character Descriptions and Notes (Storyline):

Each play is listed below with a quick synopsis and the character breakdowns.


A Love Like Ours by Rochelle Leffler
Director: Rochelle Leffler

Synopsis:  It’s the 1950’s.  An American G.I. surprises a Filipina woman w loves with a proposal and a dream to bring her to the U.S.  The audience is surprised to discover she’s the prostitute he lost his virginity to.

[TESS]  Female. 20’s. Filipina (from the Philippines). Authentic accent required. Slender and proper with a bad girl beneath the surface.

[FRANK]  Male. 20’s. Caucasian. Fresh face, good manners – Midwestern type sensibility.  Blue collar.


Almost Home by Jack Courtney
Director: Christopher Comeau

Synopsis: An older, successful gay man, who’s grown accustomed to getting his way, finds more than he bargained for in the young suitors he meets, and desires, in his gym bathroom.

[JEFF]  Male. 40’s. Any ethnicity. A handsome, successful businessman in a suit. He has a difficult time with intimacy and can’t relax one-on-one, in the comfort of his own home, so he seeks companionship in all the wrong places.

[SPENCER]  Male. 25. Any ethnicity. A sharp, hot, crisp gay man, confident and assured beyond his years.  What he lacks in humility is made up for with his clever ways.  He’s got a big heart beneath his slick surface.

[GUY]  Male. Mid-20’s. Any ethnicity. A gay hustler who’s not that into his job. He preens before mirrors too much and doesn’t read many books. Very attractive and physically fit.


Celebration Of Life by Julie Jigour
Director: Amanda Hallman

Synopsis: At the gathering following her boyfriend’s funeral, Melanie locks herself in the bathroom to find solace on the tile. Nick, the best friend of the deceased, finds her there and encourages her to get off the floor. Melanie resists and begins questioning Nick about whether her boyfriend had intended to leave her. As the tension heightens between the two, Zack enters the scene and offers his unvarnished perspective while Nick and Melanie encounter more questions about the person they’ve lost and answers they may or may not want.

[MELANIE]  Female. Mid-20’s-mid-30’s. Any ethnicity. Pretty, professional. Figuring out her love life.

[NICK]  Male. Mid-20’s-mid-30’s. Any ethnicity. The best friend.  May be a possible love interest for Melanie.

[ZACK] Male. Mid-20’s-mid-30’s. Any ethnicity. The co-worker.  Kind of a slacker kind of guy.  No girl friend.  Hangs out with his buds.  Charming, honest, funny.


Landon Who Likes To Talk by Dean Donofrio
Director: Dean Donofrio

Synopsis:  A busy office exec comes to his breaking point when the chatty attendant in the company bathrooms gets a little too close for comfort.

[DONNY]  Male. 30’s. Any ethniticy. Normally kind, straight-laced business man, who’s lost all patience with an overly talkative bathroom attendant.

[LANDON]  Male. 40’s-50’s. Any ethnicity. Overly friendly, garrulous bathroom attendant who loves to tell corny jokes and doesn’t understand the meaning of “personal space”, especially when it comes to men trying to take a leak in his bathroom.


Love In A Zombie Apocalypse by Sumi Folz
Director: Amanda Hallman

Synopsis:  Deep in the Iowa countryside, a newlywed couple on their honeymoon are hiding out from the zombie apocalypse. Well, one of them is. When Nancy decides that the zombie apocalypse has started, Benjamin goes along for the ride. A zombie enthusiast, Nancy is convinced that they have begun their takeover, while Benjamin is left to wonder if he has just married someone insane. A fan of her quirky take on life, he accommodates her fears as long as he can, hiding in a farmhouse bathroom, until he realizes the difficult choice he must make: Leave her if she won’t shut up about zombies. A light-hearted exploration of zombie enthusiasm and marriage.

[BENJAMIN]  Male. Late-20’s-early-30’s. Any ethnicity. Rational but fun-loving and playful man who has just married the love of his life. Kind of a nerd but kind of cool, he’s a good guy who tries to do the right thing. Not a doormat, just in love.

[NANCY]  Female. Late-20’s-early-30’s. Any ethnicity. Smart but wildly imaginative. Fanciful to a fault, she is convinced that the zombie apocalypse has begun, and she’s doing everything she can to save herself and her husband. If he’d only shut up and believe her.


Refuge by Lena Bouton
Director: Christopher Comeau

Synopsis:  Annie has taken refuge in the restaurant bathroom after being stunned silent by her boyfriend’s marriage proposal.  She’s immediately confronted by her “would be” future brother-in-law, Peter, who happens to be very upset by Annie’s lack of response.  They find themselves reluctant to leave their cozy confines as repressed feelings begin to overflow.

[ANNIE]  Female. Early-30’s. Any ethnicity. Pretty, intelligent, and successful.   Must have excellent comedic timing and must be comfortable kissing. ALREADY CAST – Lena Bouton

[PETER]  Male. Late-20’s-early-30’s. Any ethnicity. Handsome. Brother of the groom-to-be.  Must have excellent comedic timing and must be comfortable kissing.


The End Theorem by Craig A. Bealer
Director: Sabrina Lloyd

Synopsis: Shawn, an addict, and Tyler, a suicidal cutter, share a bond over the sacred space of a bathroom; it’s where they indulge in their demons. When they overhear their doctors’ talk about them in the past tense, they realize that their suicide pact was not avoided, and all their vows to each other, their efforts to resist, have failed.

[SHAWN]  Female. 18-28 years old. Any ethnicity. Edgy. Punky. Her clothing style might not match her makeup. Rebelled against her parents with a cocaine habit which landed her in the psychiatric hospital. Must be able to sing/harmonize a cappella, strong dance/movement background a plus. LEAD.

[TYLER]  Male. 18-28 years old. Any ethnicity. Sarcastic. Melancholic. Strikingly familiar. Rallied against his parents with a cutting habit and a few attempted suicides. Must be able to sing/harmonize a cappella, strong dance/movement background a plus. LEAD.

[JACK]  Male. 33-47 years old. Any ethnicity. A psychiatrist who’s seen it all. Cynical, in a career crisis. SUPPORTING.

[MARY]  Female. 40-56 years olds. Any ethnicity. A psychiatrist. Pleasantly optimistic with a touch of realism. Director of the Hospital. SUPPORTING.


Things We Do When We’re Alone by Nicole Dominguez
Director: Rochelle Leffler

Synopsis: Amanda, a mother of two, confesses her drug abuse and secret obsession of email stalking her husband in a private moment in the bathroom.

[AMANDA]  Female. Late-30’s-early-40’s. Any ethnicity. Emotionally driven, vulnerable and sympathetic.  Needs a powerhouse actress to command the stage alone for this whole piece.

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