Submit Your One-Act Play For Our Final Series – “In The Bathroom: You Don’t Want To Go In There!”



After the success of our One Act Series, and the three shows that played to sold out audiences last year, Studio C Artists is planning to produce two more shows in the Series in 2014 – the second and final of which will be In The Bathroom: You Don’t Want To Go In There!.  Today, we announce the call for writers’ submissions for this last show in the Series, which is set to open September 19th and run through October 25th.

In this next collection of original works, Studio C Artists will produce up to ten one-acts written, directed, and performed around a common setting (to make a cohesive show) – this time it’s a bathroom; and a common theme – some reason, any reason, why you wouldn’t want to go into this bathroom (more details on the attached guidelines). Everyone will eventually have the chance to participate, but right now we’re putting out a call for writers. (And not to worry – professional writers are encouraged to participate, but prior experience as a writer is not necessary.)

Here’s the scoop…

We are running this differently from last year. If you wish to submit, please send in a completed One Act play no more than 12 minutes in length by the deadline below (PDF format is preferred). The scenarios should involve anything that could take place in a bathroom, and be sure to include the “you don’t want to go in there” theme in some way. Please remember to keep things simple, as we are limited in the size of our stage. No more than 2-4 characters per piece – and props and other elements are kept to a bare minimum. The story is key. They can be either comedies or dramas, your choice.

REGISTER HERE – please register within the next week by clicking this link if you intend to send in a submission – we need to track the number of submissions we will be receiving.

In short:

  • 8-10 plays will be chosen.
  • Please provide 1 completed One Act play, 12 minutes in length.
  • All works should be original – not having been produced at another theater in Los Angeles before.
  • Submissions are due no later than Tuesday, July 1st @ 10PM. (You can send them in earlier if you have it ready.)
  • Include a logline, a synopsis, and casting (character) breakdowns with your submission.
  • Email you submission to

Full details are contained in the attached document. PLEASE BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD THE WRITERS’ GUIDELINES AND READ ALL CONTENTS. Submission that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered for this production.

Plays will be chosen by committee for the next Series based upon the originality or their scenarios, along with the competency of the writing.

All writers will retain the copyrights to their play, but will receive no compensation other than the production of their play. Feel free to pass along this information to anyone you think might be interested – and good luck!

For information about our current show in the Series which opens this month – go to

In The Bathroom – Writers Guidelines

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