Casting: Actors Submit For Hollywood Fringe Festival One-Act Play Series – “In The Kitchen”!


We’re once again looking for actors who love theater and want to be involved in our next production of all new short plays!  Submission instructions are below.

We’re currently casting for Studio C Artists’ One Act Series – “In The Kitchen”, to be produced in our theatre space along Theatre Row in Hollywood starting the second weekend in June (note: there are NOT performances on over the 4th of July holiday).  The theme for this series is gossip – “In The Kitchen: Where The Food Is Hot, And The Gossip Is Hotter!”  Here’s your chance to join in the fun – all original material, top-notch directors, and a first-rate production.  And the exciting news this time around is that we are participating as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  The show has been entered into the festival – so this is a great chance for actors to perform in this fun theatre festival!


Full scripts are available online by clicking here.

Breakdowns have been posted on Actors Access and LA Casting (the links are embedded in the name of each role below).  Please submit through either one those two systems (only one is necessary).  If you cannot submit through one of these two systems, please email

REHEARSALS/SCHEDULE:  Rehearsals will be scheduled during the following times, based on each directors’s availability (a more detailed schedule will be posted once each One Act is cast):

Mondays through Thursdays (daytime)
Fridays (Late Afternoon/Early Evening)
Saturdays & Sundays (9AM-7PM)

Additional rehearsals will be scheduled as needed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights.

There will only be 3-6 rehearsals necessary for each play.  So, these times are just guidelines for availability for all of the pieces (i.e., each play will only be allotted part of these times).

4/13/14 – Auditions
4/19/14 – Auditions
4/26/14 – Callbacks
5/5/14 – Rehearsals Start (run for 6 Weeks) – see rehearsal times
6/10/14 – MANDATORY Tech Rehearsal, Show #1 (4:30-7:30PM)
6/11/14 – MANDATORY Tech Rehearsal, Show #2 (4:30-7:30PM)
6/12/14 – MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal, Show #1 (6-8PM)
6/12/14 – MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal, Show #2 (8:30-10:30PM)
6/13/14 – Opening Night, Show #1 (8PM)
6/14/14 – Opening Night, Show #2 (8PM)

Shows run on alternating weekends through 7/26/14 (excluding the 4th of July holiday).

Click here to see the schedule online.
Click here for an iCal version of the schedule.


Show #1 – runs 6/13, 6/21, 6/27, 7/12, 7/18, & 7/26

  • Dagnabbit
  • O’Malley
  • Of the Father and the Son 
  • Gran Amor

Show #2 – runs 6/14, 6/20, 6/28, 7/11, 7/19, & 7/25

  • Lemonade with a Twist 
  • Gotcha
  • One Night Stand
  • I am Who I am


Check back here regularly for current information about our production and rehearsal schedule.  We will be updating this page when we lock the schedules in place.



Live Theatre

Eight one-act plays performed as part of the Studio C Artists show in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Casting Director:  Studio C Artists
Audition Date(s):  4/13 or 4/19
Callback Date(s):  4/26
Start Date:  5/5-6/12 (rehearsals), 6/13-7/26 (performances)
Location:  Hollywood, CA
Pay Rate:  There is no pay.

Additional Personnel and Production Info:
Producers: Michael Lamb & Michael Sonntag
Artistic Director: John Coppola
Directors: Warren Davis, Amanda Hallman, Rochelle Leffler, & Sabrina Lloyd

Submission Instruction: SUBMISSIONS BY 5PM FRI 4/11


Special Notes:

This show is to premiere at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Each play will have six performances. Play performances will be Friday and Saturday nights (alternating) – only one performance per week. There will be roughly 3-6 rehearsals per play. Rehearsals will take place some weekday afternoons, and on the weekends.

PLEASE NOTE that there will not be a performance over the 4th of July holiday.

For more information about rehearsal schedules and the series itself – and for sides and scripts, go to


Character Descriptions and Notes (Storyline):

Each play is listed below with a quick synopsis and the character breakdowns.


Dagnabbit by Craig A. Bealer

Synopsis: Jeffro becomes the town’s focus after a vehicular cow tipping incident gone bad. Jeffro’s dad mandates Jeffro turn himself in and that mandate haunts him his entire life. He swears never to become his father. Over the course of a lifetime, though, it’s hard not to slip back under the tree from which you dropped. The play is divided into three parts – with each actor switching roles, and playing each related character at the same stage in life.

[YOUNGER ACTOR] JEFFRO (protag – son and grandson), WILLY, ZEKIEL. Male. 20’s. Caucasian. Younger Actor begins as the Protag, then he’sthe son of the Protag, then he’s the grandson of the Protag.Is always 20 or so. JEFFRO was raised by rednecks and is a redneck himself. WILLYhas been taught to forego his redneck and sounds more educated.Willy has permitted his son, ZEKIEL to resume some rednecktendencies.

[MIDDLE ACTOR] CLIFFORD, JEFFRO (protag – son and father), WILLY. Middle Actor begins as the dad of the Protag, then he’s the Protag, then he’s the son of the Protag. Is always 40 or so. CLIFFORD is a military man. Sees things as black and white. JEFFRO now has a Buddhist mindset to the extent he can. WILLY is the peace making, bridge between Jeffro’s anti-redneck and the family’s deep redneck tradition.

[OLDER ACTOR] SAM, CLIFFORD, JEFFRO (protag – father and grandfather). Older Actor begins as the grandpa of the Protag, then he’s the dad of the Protag, then he’s the Protag. Is always 60 or so. SAM is a military man eased over with time. CLIFFORD is ornery as ever after the passing of his wife. JEFFRO pretends not to be of the same cloth of his father, but that lasts only so long.


Gotcha by Jack Courtney

Synopsis: While appearing on national TV to air the dirty laundry of his youth, a pompous and successful young celebrity author is surprised, humiliated and then humbled, with his mother’s sudden appearance on the show, after she peels away at his lies and innuendo, ultimately revealing his more truthful self and thus leading to a reconciliation (of sorts) for them both.

[JAKE] Male. Caucasian. Early 30’s. A roguish, articulate, self-obsessed narcissist who’s found fame and fortune writing about his struggles with alcohol.

[CLAIRE] Female. Caucasian. 50’s. A self-absorbed, funny, somewhat ditzy woman who has a sly way of getting to the heart of the matter.  She’s more sensitive than she wants to let on.

[CHARLIE ROSE] Male. Caucasian. 40-50. A caricature of the familiar talk show host.  Inquisitive, condescending and penetrating with his questions. Would consider another actual talk show figure too – like Piers Morgan.


Gran Amour by Lena Bouton

Synopsis:  David finds himself in an internal battle…vhe wants to take his relationship with his girlfriend, Lisa, to the next level but is afraid of breaking his Mom’s heart.  Lisa has reached her edge, and David’s Mother, Dorothy, may not be as attached as David thinks.

[DAVID] Male. Caucasian. Mid-30’s. Smart, attractive, slightly nerdy. Great comedic timing and physical comedy required.

[MEG] Female. Any ethnicity. 30’s.  ALREADY CAST – LENA BOUTON

[DOROTHY] Female. Caucasian. 55+. David’s Mom. Great comedic timing.


I Am Who I Am by Tim DeRoche

Synopsis: What do you do when God asks for your help? Rosanna learns from her husband Darrell that their friend Gavin is cheating on his wife Judy.  Praying for Judy, Rosanna is surprised when God personally answers her prayer and asks for her help with a strange request – creating a Facebook account for him.  In the end, God shares a bit of information about Gavin and Judy that changes their perspective.

[ROSANNA] Female. Any ethnicity. Late 20’s. Midwestern or Southern. Apathetic. Obsessed with Facebook. Comedic timing necessary.

[DARRELL] Male. Any ethnicity. Early 30’s. Typical husband type. A little unforgiving. A realist. Good comedic timing.

[GOD] Male. Any ethinicty. Any age. Deep voice. Dry sense of humor. A ten commandments God. Director can improvise. Male preferred. Good with comedy.


Lemonade With A Twist by Roy Battocchio

Synopsis:  All the action takes place in a modestly appointed kitchen.  An old woman (70’s plus) invites a suspicious-looking young man (30’ish) into her kitchen mistaking him for someone from AAA who is to fix her car.  They chat and have some tea.

[WOMAN] Female. Any ethnicity. At least 60+. The older the better. Sweet and gentle. A bit “off-center”.

[MAN] Male. Any ethnicity. 30’s. Rather sleazy-looking and not much in the personality department.


O’Malley by Chris Karmiol

Synopsis: A fast-paced, funny tale of boredom getting the best of us, when news of sex, murder, and mayhem makes its way around an otherwise staid suburban town. Of course, none of it is true.

[HUSBAND/BARRY] Male. Any ethnicity. 35-55. Slightly apathetic. Perhaps slightly overweight.

[WIFE/BARBARA] Female. Any ethnicity. 35-55. Slightly neurotic. Perhaps a little angry. A nagging, uncaring wife.

[NEIGHBOR/SADIE] Female. Any ethnicity. 25-55. High energy. Self-centered. Hungry. The town gossip.

[GLEASON] Male. Any ethnicity. 40-60. Underwhelming/conservative. Maybe balding/overweight. He’s no Brad Pitt.


Of The Father And The Son by James Edward Quinn

Synopsis: A middle-aged man brings home a much younger man from a gay bar. It looks as if it is a hook-up until the older man reveals the real reason why they are together.

[MICHAEL] Male. Any ethnicity. Early 20’s. A boyishly handsome gay young man.

[ABE] Male. Any ethnicity. 40-50. An attractive, graying man, somewhat conservative.


One Night Stand by Gina Nicewonger

Synopsis: Maggie comes home to find that her beautiful, airhead roommate had yet another one night stand… with Batman.

[MAGGIE] Female. Any ethnicity. 20’s. A nurse, works long hours, doesn’t have time for a social life that would be overshadowed by her gorgeous roommate’s

[BATMAN] Male. Any ethnicity. 20-30’s. While not necessarily authentic to the comics, he is the real Batman.  Normal, nice, tries to help others, occasionally makes bad choices when encountering an irresistible woman.

[AMBER] Female. Any ethnicity. 20’s. Extremely beautiful, so dumb she can barely function.  More of a cartoon than Batman. The girl every guy in the bar would want to pick up. Sexy without trying. Looking for love. Sweet, but not too bright.

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  1. There are no sides for a callback for In the Kitchen. Very frustrating!!!!!


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