Casting Notice: Update To The Panasonic Commercial – Looking For A Musician!

We have an updated role for the Panasonic – “Real Family” commercial that we’re casting.  The breakdown is posted on Actors Access and L.A. Casting (link below) – so please submit any actors who are right for this there – or email

We’re looking for a musician – that L.A. hipster, singer/songwriter kind of guy.  See below:

[MUSICIAN]  Male. 30’s-40’s. Caucasian. MUST BE ABLE TO PLAY GUITAR. A musician/singer/songwriter. Hip, trendy, Silverlake kind-of-guy. Probably plays in a band. Think THURSTON MOORE from Sonic Youth or GREG KURSTIN from The Bird And The Bee.  (Reference Photos:  Should look somewhat introspective and maybe even a tad bit nerdy (in other words, no Steven Tyler of Lenny Kravitz). Maybe looks like he just walked out of a Wes Anderson film.  A guy with a slightly complicated soul, who is open and honest.  He’s a father with a wife and two kids. Ideally, it’d be great if we could get a real family like this – so if that is the case, please comment in submission notes.

For more details about the project, see the original breakdown we posted last week.

image_1 image_2 image_3 image


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