Casting Notice: LA DWP Aqueduct Centennial – Actors Needed (There Is Pay)!!

We have another interesting project which we’re casting for which falls a little outside of the bounds of our normal commercial & TV/Film casting.  We are looking for actors, history buffs, look-a-likes, or anyone really who might get a kick out of doing one of these vignettes – playing one of these great historical figures.

If you or someone you know is interested and available, please contact Michael Sonntag at or (323) 988-1175.  (The breakdown is also posted on Actors Access & LA Casting – so if you’ve already submitted there, no need to email or phone.)

The breakdown is as follows:

Live Project

Usage: Live Presentation at Centennial Celebration
Conflicts: None
Historical figure vignettes to be presented at the Los Angeles DWP Aqueduct Centennial event at the Cascades on 11/5/13.

Casting Director: Studio C Artists
Interview Date(s): 10/25
Callback Date(s): N/A
Shoot/Start Date: 11/4 (rehearsal), 11/5 (performance)
Location: Sylmar, CA
Pay Rate: $250 flat (for rehearsal/performance)

Additional Personnel and Production Info:
Client: Los Angeles DWP
Director: John Coppola
Producer: Michael Sonntag

Submission Instructions:

Special Notes:
Rate is flat – includes any agency percentage. Rate is for 1 hour rehearsal during business hours 10/31-11/1, costume fitting at Universal Studios (scheduled per actor), run-through at the Cascades site in Sylmar on 11/4, and performance at the event on 11/5.

Character Descriptions and Notes (plus Storyline if applicable):

The Los Angeles DWP is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the bringing of water to L.A., which happened back on November 5, 1913, and in honor of this event, they are hiring actors to portray legendary historical figures at their Centennial event on Tuesday, 11/5/2013 at the DWP Cascades out in Sylmar. Each of these characters are actual people who were key to the history of Los Angeles – and the city’s acquisition of water. Each vignette will run roughly 1 minute, and will be performed in the course of a program that will include current day speakers (the Mayor, other officials, etc.). Scripts must be memorized, and minimal improv experience is necessary. We are not casting look-a-likes per se, but are looking for actors who capture the essence and flavor of each historical figure. Costumes and wigs/beards will supplement the look.


[WILLIAM MULHOLLAND] Male. Caucasian. Age 45-60. Gray/White hair. Mustache. Supervised the Los Angeles Aqueduct and was the head of a predecessor department to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. He was responsible for building the city water infrastructure and providing a water supply that allowed the city to grow into one of the largest in the world. (b. 1855 – d. 1935) CAST – RICH SKIDMORE

[ELLEN BEACH YAW] Female. Caucasian. Age 40-50. Brunette. An American coloratura soprano, best known for her concert singing career. She had an extraordinary vocal range and could produce unusually high notes. Known as “Lark Ellen” or “The California Nightingale,” she was reportedly the only known soprano of her era who could sing and sustain the D above high D. Music will be lip-synced – no need to actually perform as a soprano. (b. 1869 – d. 1947) Click here for photos.

[THEODORE ROOSEVELT] Male. Caucasian. Age 55-65. Brunette. Mustache ok. The 26th President of the United States (1901–1909). He is noted for his exuberant personality, range of interests and achievements, and his leadership of the Progressive Movement, as well as his “cowboy” persona and robust masculinity. (b. 1858 – d. 1919) Click here for photos.

[FRED EATON] Male. Caucasian. Age 55-65. Black hair. A major individual in the transformation and expansion of Los Angeles in the latter 19th century through early 20th century, in California.  Eaton was the mastermind supporter of the early 20th century Los Angeles Aqueduct. While Eaton was the Los Angeles Mayor, from 1898—1900, he created the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and appointed William Mulholland as superintendent and Chief Engineer. (b. 1856 – d. 1934) Click here for photos.

[WHISTLING DICK] Male. Caucasian. Age 65-75. Any hair color – graying good. A Muleskinner who worked on the aqueduct,“Whistling Dick” had the makings of both myth and legend, a type of rugged individual who creates an aura of romance in stories of the Old West.  Back in 1912, 74-year-old Whistling Dick drove a team of 52 balky mules as he labored with hard working crews building one of the toughest sections of the Los Angeles Owens River Aqueduct in the Mojave Desert – the spectacular jawbone Siphon, a giant roller coaster of a pipeline. His 52-mule team wagons transported mammoth 30-ton sections of steel pipe along sun baked desert trails to the job sites. (b. 1938 – d. 1914) Click here for photos.

[HARRY CHANDLER] Male. Caucasian. Age 45-55. Brunette or gray hair. Publisher of the Los Angeles Times and investor who became owner of the largest real estate empire in the U.S. As a community builder and large-scale real estate speculator, he became arguably the leading citizen of Los Angeles in the first half of the 20th century. He was directly involved with helping to found the following: the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Biltmore Hotel, the Douglas Aircraft Company, the Hollywood Bowl, The Ambassador Hotel, Caltech, AAA of So. Cal., TWA, the San Pedro Harbor, Santa Anita racetrack, the Hollywood Sign, and the restoration of Olivera Street and Chinatown. (b. 1864 – d. 1944) Click here for photos.

[SEN. FRANK PUTNAM FLINT] Male. Caucasian. Age 50-60. Gray/White hair. A politician and banker who served as a U.S. Senator from California from 1905 until 1911. A developer of Flintridge, the city of La Cañada Flintridge, California is named, in part, for him. He played a great part in making the Mission style the official architectural style of government buildings in Southern California and a major political role in bringing Owens Valley water to metropolitan Los Angeles. (b. 1862 – d. 1929) Click here for photos.

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