So Do You Want You Know More About Writing For the Web & Short Film?

We talk to our actors all of the time about creating a vehicle for themselves to showcase their talent. Or putting together a short film or web series under a SAG New Media Agreement – as a great way to become SAG eligible, and get some great experience and tape on themselves at the same time.

But soon after they start think about it – I see the problem. Almost invariably, the first question is… well, what would I do? I wouldn’t even know where to begin?

And that’s the very reason for this four-hour workshop we’ll be hosting at the studio on September 12th. Pippa Hinchley will be here to teach a super-intensive one night course on everything you need to know to get started writing for the web or short film format. She plans to cram so much into these four hours – that her goal is that you will be able to walk out of the course, and actually have a project to be able to move forward with. Take a look at the information on the class below – and if you’re not aware of who Pippa is – just take a gander at her long list of impressive credits from a lot of prestigious institutions. I think Pippa could write a short or webisode in her sleep at this point!

And be sure to sign up right away if you’re interested – first come first serve on this one – and at this price, I have a feeling its going to fill up quick.

The New Approach: For Screenwriters

Writing For The Web & The Short Film – 4-Hour Intensive Workshop
With Pippa Hinchley

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

7:00 PM

==> Are you an actor who wants to write?
==> A writer who wants to write for the screen?
==> Have you got a half finished project sitting on a shelf?
==> Do you want to make your own new media project?
==> Want to get material for a reel or to get into SAG, but need the right script to shoot?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above – this is class is for you. Taking this course will give you tools and techniques to complete a webisode or short film script. The class is suitable for beginning writers, writers from another medium, as well as those with some training and/or completed scripts. Bring laptops and/or notebooks! There will be several handouts, info sheets, and other materials to take home. Topics will include:

Taught by PIPPA HINCHLEY pippa
– Screenwriting Lecturer at Birkbeck College, University Of London and graduate of the London College Of Printing’s MA Screenwriting program – one of the 5 accredited UK Screen Academies.
– One of only 12 writers selected across Europe for the prestigious European Screenwriting program, North By Northwest.
– Selected for the Rutger Hauer Film Factory at Rotterdam Film Festival and graduate of the Berlin Film Festival’s Talent Campus.
– Writer of short film, BREAKING OUT, backed by the British Film Institute and one of only 7 films from around the world selected for competition in Cannes, winner of Best European Short in Angers, and screened in over 20 international film festivals.
– Writer of 2 seasons of SOFIA’S DIARY – the hit UK teen drama that was the first web series to ever transfer directly onto terrestrial network TV.
– Credits include multiple short films; TV drama, TV sketch comedy, as well as theatre. Pippa has been commissioned by Hallmark, Sony, Bebo, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky TV, RADA, Warner Bros., Curious Pictures, Red Productions, and many other independent production companies either as a writer, script consultant, or re-writer.

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