New Talent Agency Looking For Commercial Clients

We got word of a new talent agency opening up – and they’ve contacted us about looking for clients to represent commercially. The head agent has been working for CESD for the past five years – so something tells us this agency will have a great foundation to build on. Here’s the scoop:

Network Talent Agency being headed by Sabrina Sparlin (formally at CESD) is now accepting submissions for COMMERCIAL representation from all ages and types.

Please send LA Casting link or picture and resume directly to Appointments being set up as early as next week.

9 Comments on “New Talent Agency Looking For Commercial Clients

  1. Hello my name is Mohamed Ali and I’m seeking representation, and need assistants


  2. So, let me see if I have this right: You’re called a Talent Agency @Michael J. Sonntag- but, you’re not an agency, legally, you’re just a school, right?
    So all the “breakdowns” & “auditions” you post are just for exercises within your program(s) or in-house filming?


    • Wow – so accusatory! And you don’t even know us. We are not a talent agency. We have never called ourselves a talent agency. This posting was just forwarded information for our clients who might be looking for representation – about a another company that was opening and looking for new clients. Not us. It was supposed to be helpful information for actors. As for our casting postings – no, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are hired to cast projects for other production companies – mostly commercials. Some are SAG, most are non-union (these days). We post the information on our blog – as well as on other casting sites (Actors Access, LA Casting, Backstage, etc.) We post the details here for information purposes – since people who know us might be interested to submit for some of these projects. The theatre postings are our own – since we run a theatre in Hollywood and have a stage production company, and are looking for casts for our shows. So all of the “breakdowns” and “auditions” as you put it – are actually REAL breakdowns and auditions. But since you put it that way – feel free NOT to submit!


      • Don’t be so testy- any industry “talk” is an opportunity to promote your biz’ in a positive way. If you’re defensive, it seems like you’ve got something to hide.
        I ask cuz’ there’s a handful of “agents” in Hollywood- that post “casting notices” or “auditions” when they’re just filling their data base to rep to actual agents & directors. A lot of “schools” market that way. The sad thing is, their in-house recordings don’t help actors portfolios at all. The worst of it is, the only ones who get paid for that work, are the schools- never the actors.
        Your answering to the referral post suggests that you’re in bed with “Network Talent Agency” & you actually cast for them.
        And if you wanna’ blacklist me, you wouldn’t be the 1st- love me or hate me, get in line.
        FYI I put an agency out of biz a few years back for taking advantage of naive actors- and I get my hackles up when I hear a school come across as an agent or agency, especially if there’s money involved. There’s a handful of schools that bait & carrot actors w/the workshops circuit & the “join us & meet w/agents ploy” when they should be directing the actors to the actual agents. I’m glad to see that’s what you’re doing with this listing.


  3. You make some valid points – and yes, I did get testy. These kinds of things frustrate me as well – and your comment got my hackles up, as you so aptly put it. I do appreciate the information about other “schools” in town. I honestly had no idea that places were doing this sort of thing. We pride ourselves on our integrity. We were actors ourselves originally – we love actors – and would never aim to do something that takes advantage. Quite the contrary – we’re doing our best to run a business that provides a service to the acting community at the same time. Our goal is to offer something that I wished had been around when I was out there trying to audition oh so many years ago. So, when suggestions come to the contrary, it feels unfair. But I also need to be more careful potentially about the things that I forward along I think – I’m doing it I think to be helpful, but as you point out, maybe it’s not actually achieving that goal. We have no affiliation with this company in any way, but the referral did come from a very upstanding colleague (also not associated with this company). Thank you for your comments.




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