Audition Class with CD Dylann Brander – Starts This Thursday!

Studio C Artists is pleased to offer a fantastic opportunity – to train with one of the top network TV Casting Directors in town. This is not a casting director workshop, but a chance to take a 4-week class with Dylann Brander, CSA (Bragman/Brander Casting – “How I Met Your Mother”, “Law & Order: LA”).

This course starts this week (on Thursday) – and the good news is that there are still spots available.

So, what’s this class about? Dylann says a lot has changed with network tests in the past several years – so, she’s going to run actors through the paces of what it means to audition for the network – and also focus on redirects and camera work in the audition room.

The details about the class are below. Don’t miss out – there’s only a few days left!

The New Approach: Casting Director Series
4-Week On Camera Class With Top TV Casting Director Dylann Brander

Thursdays, August 8th – 29th
7:30 PM

One of the tough things about understanding the casting process is that it has changed so much in the past couple of years due to technological advances and shifts in the industry itself – especially in the world of television casting. Casting Director Dylann Brander knows all too well about these changes – and what that means for an actor coming into her office to audition.

Probably the most dramatic shift has come in regards to how a network test is handled – and how the old rules don’t really apply. The network test is the pinnacle of the audition process – and even if you’ve never experienced one, learning how one works from the standpoint of the casting director, provides insight into the entire casting process (even choices made in a pre-read). It’s all about being nimble and ready to take direction – and all of it is a reflection of how actors will handle themselves once they get on set. With this in mind, this course is structured as follows:

  • Actors will be put through the paces of a network test each week – presenting two different scenes to work on for the test.
  • Each test will be performed in front of the camera & filmed for review afterwards.
  • Weeks 1 & 2 will be a television drama scene that the actor will choose themselves.
  • Weeks 3 & 4 will be a television comedy scene that Dylann will assign.
  • This setup will also provide discussion for how you see yourself in casting vs. how you are seen by the casting community in general – and where they’re in sync.
  • Dylann will redirect each actor for each scene – and coach you through the art of handling a redirect from the casting director when it is given to you in the room.
  • All four weeks of the class will be performed on-camera – with additional feedback given based on the taped audition.

DYLANN BRANDER, C.S.A. (Branman/Brander Casting) – Dylann Brander is a fixture in Network Television casting. She has worked on numerous television pilots and series, as well as feature films. As a TV CD, she navigates back and forth between dramas and comedies with ease. Dylann’s TV credits include the NBC series Law & Order LA, the TNT series Hawthorne, the CBS series How I Met Your Mother, the A&E series The Cleaner, the two ABC series Womens Murder Club, and Big Day. Dylann has also cast many films, most recently John Dies at the End (starring Paul Giamatti). Dylann’s next assignment for casting director is the new FOX drama Gang Related. A full list of Dylann’s credits can be found on

For more info or to register for the class – go to

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