Weekend Intensive With CD Paul Weber – Starts This Saturday, 7/20 – Spots Still Available!

We’re very lucky to have Casting Director Paul Weber returning to our studio to teach another class this weekend! This will be the third time Paul will have taught at Studio C, and we love having him here. Having been the former head of casting at MGM, and continuing to be one of the top casting directors in town (with a slew of cool projects he’s currently working on!), Paul brings a vast array of knowledge to the casting process. And having started as an actor himself – Paul also talks the lingo of the craft of acting. All of which combine to make him a fantastic teacher for anyone who’s looking to improve on their audition skills and work with one of the best.

Check out the details below – and be sure to contact us right away if your interested in signing up – there are still slots available.


The New Approach: Casting Director Series

Weekend Intensive With Casting Director & Producer Paul Weber

Saturday, July 20th & Sunday, July 21st

Noon – 5:00 PM


Presenting yourself as an actor is about more than just showing up and letting your talent shine. There are specific skills that an actor needs to know and utilize – knowing how to work a room, the camera, and your audition technique are all part of the equation. In this 2-day, high-intensive course, Casting Director Paul Weber will guide you through these principles, including:

  • The Law Of Attraction – What Attracts Casting Directors To Certain Actors – And How Would Present Yourself In A Job Interview? Get The Most Out Of A 1-On-1 CD “General”.
  • Casting Yourself – Think You Know What Material Is Right For You? Bring In A Scene You Think Best Showcases You And We’ll Find Out. (Includes Critique Of Scene Performance.)
  • Beyond Cold Reading – What Do You Do When You’re Given No Time To Prepare? How To Make The Best Choices In The Moment – And Explore The Character On The Spot?
  • Under 5 Challenge – How Do You Make The Most Of An Audition When You Only Have A Few Lines? (Actors Compete In An Audition – Demystifying The Casting Process.)
  • Producer Session Competition – Actors Will Prepare Audition Sides To Present At A Producer Session – And Compete Against Their Fellow Actors For The Role.

Paul Weber conducts cold reading / scene study workshops worldwide. His workshop focuses on the personal direction and guidance that will give the actor insight into the cold reading process, help the actor develop audition and marketing skills, and prepare the actor for a successful career in the industry. As an instructor, he taught the popular class “The Working Actor, Get The Audition, Book The Job” at UCLA. He is presently working a book about the audition process.

Paul has taught two prior workshops at Studio C Artists – in both 2011 and 2012.

Call (323) 988-1175 or email info to sign up.

Limited enrollment! All major credit cards accepted.

Click here for a downloadable flyer for this class.

DISCLAIMER: This workshop is a learning experience. It is not an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshop is over, the casting director/casting associate/casting director (whichever is applicable) teaching this workshop will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials.

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