Actors Submit For Available Roles For Next One-Act Play Series – In The Dining Room!



We’re once again looking for actors who love theater and want to be involved in our next production of One Act plays!  Submission instructions are below.

We’re currently casting for Studio C Artists’ One Act Series: “In The Dining Room”, to be produced in our theatre space along Theatre Row in Hollywood starting the first weekend in August.  Here’s your chance to join in the fun – all original material, top-notch directors, and a first-rate production.


First Drafts of scripts are available online by clicking here.

Breakdowns have been posted on Actors Access and LA Casting (the links are embedded in the name of each role below).  Please submit through either one those two systems (only one is necessary).  If you cannot submit through one of these two systems, please email


REHEARSALS/SCHEDULE:  Rehearsals will be scheduled during the following times, based on each directors’s availability (a more detailed schedule will be posted once each One Act is cast):

Mondays through Thursdays (daytime)
Fridays (Late Afternoon/Early Evening)
Saturdays & Sundays (9AM-7PM)

Additional rehearsals will be scheduled as needed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights.

There will only be 3-6 rehearsals necessary for each play.  So, these times are just guidelines for availability for all of the pieces (i.e., each play will only be allotted part of these times).

6/29/13 – Auditions (9AM-6PM)
6/30/13 – Auditions (9AM-6PM)
7/8/13 – Rehearsals Start (run for 3 Weeks) – see rehearsal times
7/30/13 – Tech Rehearsal, Show #1 (4:30-7:30PM)
7/31/13 – Tech Rehearsal, Show #2 (4:30-7:30PM)
8/1/13 – Dress Rehearsal, Show #1 (6-8PM)
8/1/13 – Dress Rehearsal, Show #2 (8:30-10:30PM)
8/2/13 – Opening Night, Show #1 (8PM)
8/3/13 – Opening Night, Show #2 (8PM)

Shows run on alternating weekends through 9/14/13.

Click here to see the schedule online.

Click here for an iCal version of the schedule.

Check back here regularly for current information about our production and rehearsal schedule.  We will be updating this page when we lock the schedules in place.



10 plays performed as part of the Studio C Artists’ One Act series.

Casting Director:  Studio C Artists
Audition Date(s):  6/29-6/30
Callback Date(s):  N/A
Start Date:  7/8-8/1 (rehearsals), 8/2-9/14 (performances)
Location:  Los Angeles
Pay Rate:  There is no pay.

Additional Personnel and Production Info:
Producers: Amanda Hallman, Michael Lamb, & Michael Sonntag
Artistic Director: John Coppola
Writers Liaison: Rochelle Leffler
Directors: Amanda Hallman, Sabrina Lloyd, Richey Nash, Matt Ryan, Jordan James Smith, & Jason Weiss

Submission Instruction: SUBMISSIONS BY 5PM THURS 6/27

Special Notes:   Each play will have six performances.  Play performances will be Friday and Saturday nights (alternating) – only one performance per week.  There will be roughly 3-6 rehearsals per play.  Rehearsals will take place some weekday afternoons, and on the weekends.

Audition Location:  Studio C Artists, 6448 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90038

Character Descriptions and Notes (Storyline):  Each play is listed below with a quick synopsis and the character breakdowns.


Bunker by Jeremiah Benjamin

Synopsis:  Newly introduced in-laws of a lesbian couple are huddled around a radio with the dining room windows boarded up, listening to reports of an apocalypse unfolding outside – and panicking. One character has to go outside to complete a mission, and the group debates which of the three shall be the elected hero.

[CAMILLA]  Female. Any ethnicity. 30’s. Tall and athletic (former volleyball champion), ambitious, type-A, head chef at prestigious catering company, bullheaded, always eager to start a heated argument. (Sister of one of the brides.)

[CLAIRE]  Female. Caucasian. Late 50’s to early 60’s. Down-to-earth, former dancer, naturopath, hippie, always smiling, in love with the universe and the moment. (Mother of the other bride.)

[BRIAN]  Male. Caucasian. Late 50’s to early 60’s. Working-class, master welder, worked 7am-5pm six days a week for the past four decades, fatherly, meat-and-potatoes, country-music loving, solid rock of a man. (Father of the other bride.)


Far From The Tree by Lena Bouton

Synopsis: A 20-year old college student professes his sexual love for his stepmother before heading back to school at the end of the Summer.  Only catch – he knows step-mom feels the same way, and the two engage in a “what-if” conversation, while the dad/husband sits at the table oblivious to what’s really going on.

[APRIL]  Female. Caucasian. Mid-30’s. Attractive, youthful. ALREADY CAST (Lena Bouton)

[MAXWELL]  Male. Caucasian. Early 20’s. Attractive, very mature for his age. ALREADY CAST (Max Lichtig)

[HARRIS]  Male. Caucasian. Late-40’s to early-50’s. Max’s father. Handsome, healthy, fit. Must have excellent comedic timing.


Mikey by Jack Courtney

Synopsis: A middle-aged couple sits down to dinner with their slacker son and his new girlfriend.  Their son seems to have turned his life around, but is this change really all that it seems, or is it just the status quo dressed up in a new brand of crazy?

[SON]  Male. Caucasian. Early-30’s. Handsome and edgy, he’s a troubled young man trying to find his way after a series of setbacks. He could have been a contender.

[MOM]  Female. Caucasian. Early 50’s. A simple, middle-class mom who tries to do the right thing for her son, but doesn’t seem to have the tools to accomplish this.  She’s cynical and she knows she should care more.

[DAD]  Male. Caucasian. Early 50’s. A happy, slightly drunken man who’s simple-minded and easy to please, very contented with his lot in life and just wants what’s best for everyone.

[GIRL]  Female. Caucasian. Early to mid-20’s. A post-modern flower child, spiritual and airy fairy, someone you might see hitching a ride on the way home from Burning Man.


Table 3 by Tim DeRoche

Synopsis: A young man on a second date is surprised to run into his ex… She’s the waitress. Each time she visits the table, a new secret comes out.  And to make it worse… they’re both still in love with each other.

[ALEX]  Male. Any ethnicity. Mid-30’s. Smart, arrogant, business school type. Clean-cut.

[MEG]  Female. Any ethnicity. Late-20’s. Guileless, eager to love, jealous. Girlish.

[CHARLIE]  Female. Any ethnicity. Early-30’s. Waitress. Seen it all, cutting sense of humor.


Flipping The Bird by Nicole Dominguez & Lauren Stone

Synopsis: A mother, father, daughter, and house guest enjoy an awkward meal as the mother devolves into madness during Thanksgiving dinner.

[KATE]  Female. Caucasian. Mid-40’s. ER doctor – she is tightly wound and emotionally volatile. She should be exceedingly more physically attractive than her husband, the useful trophy wife.

[PETER]  Male. Caucasian. Mid to late-40’s. Unemployed, typical Orange County whipped husband; occasionally abrasive, consistently clueless.

[AMY]  Female. Caucasian. Late teens. The 16-year old daughter (18TYL) of Kate & Peter, she is the voice of reason in the family. She feebly tries to keep her parents calm.

[SHIRLEY]  Female. Any ethnicity. Early to mid-20’s.  The comedic relief – college student, stoner.  The eldest daughter of Kate & Peter, who is visiting from school. Good comedic timing, improve experience a must.


A Line Is Drawn At Ruby Tuesday by Dean Donofrio

Synopsis: A 30-something couple with their baby deal with an overbearing, but well-meaning neighbor, while trying to order dinner at Ruby Tuesday.

[GINGER]  Female. Caucasian. Late-30s to Mid-40s. Married, a loud, boisterous whirlwind of a woman, with no filter and plenty to say.

[WENDY]  Female. Any ethnicity. Early to mid-30s. Married, a new mother, very thin on patience, but avoids confrontation at all costs.

[JOHN]  Male. Any ethnicity. Early to late-30s. Married, a new father, works an office job, strongly opinionated but without the backbone to confront people about it.


The Choice by Sumi Folz

Synopsis: A newly kidnapped man is given a meal by his captor, but the plate is empty. His captor insists it is full plate with the meal he requested and that he’d better eat because the chef went through so much trouble. Realizing he’s being tormented, and with no memory of his capture, the man struggles to find out why he’s being held, what is wanted from him and how he can be freed. Gathering that his captor belongs to a political cause he is entirely unaware of, he pleads political apathy, only to discover his only chance for survival is to care passionately one way or the other. This is a surrealist exploration of passion and apathy, both political and personal.

[PETER]  Male. Any ethnicity. Early-30s. Clean cut. Average to athletic build. Guy next door with a new wildness in his eyes.

[JEANNE]  Female. Any ethnicity. Early to mid-20s. Average to petite build. Innocent looking but intense, she is a clear-eyed martyr for a secret cause.


B.Y.K.O.T.A. (Be Ye Kind One To Another) by Scott Gerard

Synopsis: A group of friends gather for their typical after church potluck brunch.  Things are going on as usual until Bob confronts his wife and her lover during brunch.  He forces the group to deal with this against all of their wishes.

[BOB HITCHENS] Male. Caucasian. Early to late 20’s. Guy next door. Christian conservative. Suburban. Deals with finding out his wife is having an affair in peculiar ways; he’s very confrontational but calm headed most of the time; he enjoys pulling back the covers on the affair.

[MARGARET HITCHENS] Female. Caucasian. Early to late 20’s. Pretty. Seems perfect on the outside. Very religious. Prim and proper, and an intellectual; she is caught off guard about getting caught in an affair but not necessarily ashamed of it either.

[DALE BOWERS] Male. Caucasian. Early to late 20’s. Your typical A male; he is a local handyman, and he extends special services to certain women clientele; he goes to church, but it’s mostly for social reasons.

[SHELLY BOWERS] Female. Caucasian. Early to late 20’s. Pretty, but a bit more on the plain side. A religious person. She is sweet but stern; she visibly keeps a calm presence despite the fire burning inside, though sometimes she slips.


Kicked Out by Michael Lamb

Synopsis: Religious parents deal with the revelation that their 18-year old son is gay.

[MELISSA] Female. Caucasian. Late 30’s to late 40’s. Plain, simple – yet pretty underneath. She is a Christian woman with a great love for her family. She is also a bit of an odd ball in that she doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the church-going ladies. Although she has a strong faith in the Lord, she is also a bit bohemian by nature. She doesn’t always follow the golden rule and is a bit quirky.

[BRUCE] Male. Caucasian. Late 30’s to late 40’s. Average guy – a bit formal looking. He is a Christian man that is highly conservative in nature. He rules his family with an iron fist and is only comfortable when he is in a position of power. In contrast, he has a bit of a drinking problem and has caused a scandal for the family in the past. He allows his faith in the church teachings to overpower his love for his family.

[EUGENE] Male. Caucasian. Late teens. He is a sensitive soul who loves nature and the arts. He is not necessarily flamboyant, but he is gay and he is forced out of the closet by his parents. He is somewhat sneaky in nature and has always taken the submissive role when it comes to his father’s discipline. Although meek, he finds his inner strength in order to challenge his father.


20:30 by James Quinn

Synopsis: In the not-too-distant future, a cure for loneliness has been invented in the form of the i2030 Robotic Spouse.  The difference between these electronically engineered beings and a naturally born human is nearly imperceptible.  They can walk, talk, think, work, eat, drink and even age.  More importantly, they can provide a solitary human with the companionship that he or she is somehow unable to attain with anyone else.  One such “mixed” couple has lived happily together for the past ten years.  In the recent few months, however, they have hit on hard times.  Laid off from their jobs, and unable to secure new positions, they find themselves incapable of making the monthly payments to the i2030 Corporation.  Tonight at exactly 8:30 PM, their loan will be foreclosed on.  The robotic spouse will be shut down and its memory banks forever erased.  It is now 8 PM.  Counting down the minutes, the two share one final meal.  As their time together dwindles, they reflect on a life shared and attempt to give meaning to all that is swiftly slipping away.  When the clock strikes half past the hour, the answer to one final question remains: which of the two is human and which is the robot?

[LILY] Female. Any ethnicity. Mid-40’s to mid-50’s. Attractive but plain. Strong willed and practical; her guarded, moody exterior masks an inner fragility she works hard to keep hidden.

[ROY] Male. Any ethnicity. Mid-40’s to mid-50’s. Aging but handsome blue collar guy – masculine, gentle and good-natured.  The heart of a poet in a factory worker’s uniform.

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