The Art Of Networking For Actors – Thursdays In June

Indie Film Producer Franco Sama likes to say that teaching someone to act is very different than teaching someone how to become an actor. The latter has to do with understanding how to sell the product (the actor) and how to play the game of networking in Hollywood. This is an area of expertise for Franco – who has made his career producing over 20 independent films, after a successful career in marketing and public relations. He is a wealth of information when it comes to the subject of networking – and he has geared his whole approach specifically towards the needs of the working actor for this course. After being asked the same questions by actors for years in terms of how to handle their careers, Franco finally decided to put his advice down on paper. Now, based on his successful e-book, The Art Of Networking For Actors, we are very lucky to have Franco join us for this four-week intensive starting in June, as part of our Film Producers Series. This class is a must for any actor looking to make their “business” a success.!

Here is how the weeks will break down for this course:

Week 1 – The Do’s And Don’ts Of Becoming a Good Networker – The Art of Self-Promotion

  • Meetings – How To Get Them & What You Do Once You Do? What You Say vs. What You Do?
  • How To Get The Right Agent? Do You Need A Manager? Creating Your “Circle Of Influence”?
  • How To Build A Million-Dollar Rolodex? How To Create A Network Database?
  • How To Network When You Least Expect It (Social Situations, The Grocery Store, Etc.)?

Week 2 – Performing For An Industry Professional

  • Are you representing the “real” you when you perform – what do the professionals see?

Week 3 – Giving Good Phone – The Art Of Making Phone Calls For No Reason

  • How do you handle yourself on the phone? What do you say to get your foot in the door?

Week 4 – The Interview

  • OK, you’re in front of them – now what? Tricks of the trade – get an edge on your competition.

This class will likely sell out quickly – as seating is limited. Be sure to sign-up today. Call (323) 988-1175 or email info to register or for more information.

You can also find more details on our website at

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