MG+BW Commercial – 6 Roles – Actors Please Submit

We’re casting for another web commercial.  This one’s being directed by a feature film director who’s worked on studio projects.

You can submit for this project via Actors Access/Breakdown Services, LA Casting, or CAZT.  If you have any questions, please email us at

Internet Commercial

Usage: Made-for-Internet – Buyout for Web Use
Conflicts: None
Web ad for Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams Classic Modern Home Furnishings

Casting Director:   Studio C Artists
Interview Date(s):   10/15
Callback Date(s):   10/17
Shoot/Start Date:   10/19
Location:   Los Angeles
Pay Rate:   $500/day flat (10 hour day) +10% agency fee – see note below

Additional Personnel and Production Info:
Director: See note below
Client: Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams
Prod. Co.: Sticks+Stones
Exec. Producer: Larry Vine
Exec. Producer: Marlon Staggs

Submission Instruction

Special Notes:

Feature film director with studio experience. One day shoot. Rate is flat for a 10-hour shooting day (plus the 10% if there is an agent). Separate rider for potential regional broadcast at pre-negotiated cost of $1500 for 2 years, only to be paid if spot airs. 

Character Descriptions and Notes (plus Storyline if applicable):

The spot is light and funny in tone, but actors should be natural and grounded. Quirky people who are funny or have comedic chops is obviously a plus. Think interesting types – like in Woody Allen films. Great characters. Minimal improv necessary.

[PRIEST] Male. Caucasian. 50’s-60’s. Kind, puritanical, strait-laced, but has a good sense of humor.

[HIP-HOP GUY] Male. African-American man. Late 20’s. Has a hip-hop vibe – baseball hat, urban, cool, real.

[ORTHODOX MAN] Male. Caucasian. 40’s. Orthodox Jewish man – should look as authentic as possible (i.e., must look Jewish).

[SIKH MAN] Male. East Indian or Ethnically Ambiguous. Late 30’s. Man with turban/pagri (if possible or willing to wear one) – must look authentic.

[HARAJUKU GIRL] Female. Asian. 20’s. Japanese animation Harajuku girl – pop, colorful, cute.

[MODERN MUSLIM] Female. Middle-Eastern. 30’s. Modern looking Middle-Eastern Muslim woman – good natured, warm.

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