Theatre Casting Opportunity – “Bad Evidence”

Studio C’s Glory Simon is producing and starring in a play later this Fall in Los Angeles, and they’re starting to cast all of the other characters.  Please check out the breakdown, and if you’re interested – email Glory your headshot and resume at


AEA 99-Seat Plan
V/T: Elephant Space Theatre

 written by Terry Quinn
directed by Katie Rubin
produced by Racquel Lehrman, Theatre Planners 
Casting Director: Racquel Lehrman, Theatre Planners
Interview Dates: Tues, 8/28, 12p-4p. Wed, 8/29, 12p-4p. 
Callback Dates: Fri, 8/31, 10a-2p. 
Shoot/Start Date: Rehearsals begin Oct. 1st. DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOURE NOT AVAILABLE DAYS!
Pay Rate: $100 rehearsal stipend plus 99-seat plan performance rate. 
Location: Auditions in Hollywood. Performances at The Elephant Space Theatre.


This West Coast Premiere will run at the Elephant Space Theatre, Nov. 2nd – Dec. 9th, Fridays and Saturdays @8p, Sundays @7p. 


A faltering marriage compels a husband and wife to make a pact they will disclose searing truths in the heat of passion. The exposure leads to a confrontation with four of their friends, and deeper revelations.


Leah: Cast: Glory Simon

[[RICHARD]  Male, Late 30’s – Mid 40’s, ATTRACTIVE, white and WASPy, has an inner core of moral strength and earned self-confidence – in spite of the surface cruelty he’s capable of displaying. He is intelligent, cerebral, confident, and deeply attached to/in love with his wife, Leah. Must be comfortable with intimate bedroom scene.
[DANIELLE]  Female, Late 30’s-Mid 40s;STRIKING, SEXY; NOW SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES, she is a free spirit. Very little troubles her. She likes herself, she likes the way she looks and moves. If in fact she has slept with Richard AND Leah. She’s intuitive, maybe even a little psychic, and can sometimes use her ‘insight’ to get what she wants at whatever cost to those around her.
[KEVIN]  Male, late 30’s-late 40’s, White/Waspy, or Italian, or Irish. For all his cynicism, creepiness and shallow outlook on life, he delights Danielle. She likes to be adored, and Kevin is happy to oblige in his own way. He’ll stalk her, peep her, ignore her serial infidelities, because he’s not strong enough to live without his saucy playmate. He is an extremist, maybe an addict, and he enjoys dominating a room, having the loudest voice, carrying the biggest “stick,” as it were. He is the quintessential Wall Street Alpha Male.
[CHARLIE]  Male, late 30’s-late 40’s, White/Waspy, or Italian or Irish, is a bit of a loser, though he’s having a good enough time. He genuinely enjoys Richard’s company. He means no one any harm, but is out of his league when things get serious.
[JEREMY]  Male, late 30’s-late 40’s, is a Jewish politician. His political facade explodes under the pressure of vodka, pot, cocaine, Danielle’s body, an upset stomach and the relentless mocking of the other characters. Far from being just a horny naif, he can do evil better than any of his ex-tormentors. He is driven mostly by fear and a desperate drive for power, status, position. He is married to his work, and has no idea how to channel his creative or sexual energy appropriately. He is a boy underneath it all. His self-centered, childish rage emerges and errupts by the play’s end.

See Glory Simon in “Bad Evidence” coming to LA this fall. 


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