Welcome To Fame Camp!

Young, gifted and hothoused until they make it big. Julie Moult meets the movie stars of the future…



This is an interesting article on Oakwood apartment complex – and the young talent that comes out of there. Many of Studio C Artists’ youngest clients currently live or have at one time lived at Oakwood, when they and their families first moved here.

Studio C’s Michael Sonntag was interviewed for the piece as well:

Michael Sonntag, an actor and producer, charges £150 a month for two-hour weekly lessons. But for exceptional prospects, he offers “scholarships”.

“It shouldn’t be about the money, so we do what we can to help,” he says. “There are people out there who take advantage of parents. I’ve had families come to me who’ve paid thousands of dollars for worthless courses that guarantee jobs – which turn out to be just work as extras.”

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