An Easy Actor Website – For FREE!

If you’ve heard me talk about self-promotion and actor marketing before, you know I’m always raving about a blogging service called Posterous.  It is just dead simple to use – basically, the whole service can be managed via email once you have it set up.  Oh, and did I mention… it’s FREE?!?

And now, for actors, it’s gotten even better!  They have a new theme created specifically for actor websites.  You can read more about it below – but suffice to say, this makes setting up your own website even that much more simple.  Head on over to to create an account – and then, just choose the new theme, and add your own information.  Really easy – and a great way to keep up-to-date with all of your fans!


Janina Gavankar, an actress on HBO’s hit series TrueBlood, designed the Actor Theme letting anyone be a sharing star. 

Janina believes that actors and everyone else should easily be able to professionally represent themselves and their work online. What better way to share than with Posterous Spaces? You can read more about Janina’s take on social media in a recent Forbes interview.


For tips on installing and customizing the Actor theme, click here.

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