Canyon News – Mary Beth Evans, Hollywood’s Busiest Woman

Mary Beth Evans, Hollywood’s Busiest Woman

Posted by Tommy Garrett on Sep 25, 2011 – 9:58:23 PM

HOLLYWOOD—Superstar Mary Beth Evans is an icon leading lady in the daytime TV industry, and the beautiful blonde actress can now be seen locally in a hilarious play titled “Murder at the Howard Johnson’s.” Evans is also is the matriarch of the Internet series “The Bay,” where she plays Sara Garrett, a woman who has more secretes than almost anyone else in Bay City, and she’s soon returning to the hit daytime soap “Days of Our Lives” in the role of Kayla Brady Johnson on NBC. Evans spoke with Canyon News this week about her busy life.


Actress Mary Beth Evans

 Mary Beth returned to shooting “Days of Our Lives” on Thursday, September 22, and she also has an opening night for the play “Murder at the Howard Johnson’s.” Later this month, the actress will also appear in an episode of CBS’s “Body Of Proof.” The madcap screwball comedy “Murder at the Howard Johnson’s” is Mary Beth’s latest foray into live theater. She plays Arlene, the sex starved, femme-fatale wannabe, in this crazy play about a love triangle and three murder plots gone awry at a Howard Johnson’s Motor Inn. The show is directed by John Coppola, who most recently worked with Mary Beth on “Barbara’s Wedding” in 2009.

“Tommy, you know by now that I’m a workaholic, and besides that, my husband is always challenging me and daring me to try new things. Perhaps that’s why I stay so busy? Whatever it is, I’m loving life and work right now, and hope that anyone in L.A. will come out to see our play. The director and cast are all sensational, and I love theatre. You can always rehearse and hone each scene, unlike in daytime television where everything is done very quickly. However, I love that genre as well,” said Evans.

“I’m having the best time I’ve ever had working right now, and will be sad when ‘Murder at the Howard Johnson’s’ comes to an end. Be sure to come and see us, Tommy. Tell everyone, it’s really hilarious,” added the gorgeous star.

When asked about her return to “Days of Our Lives,” Mary Beth lit up. “Tommy, I was part of a photo shoot just last week with Deidre (Hall), Drake(Hogestyn) and Christie (Clark). We were all there, and it was like old times again. Ken [Corday] has done a marvelous job revamping the show, and I think viewers will be very happy about the new storylines. The initial major cuts had to occur due to budget restraints, but he’s dedicated to telling great stories and even bringing back a lot of the core characters that were all a hit in the 1980s and ‘90s. I see this show really making a comeback, and I’m exciting to be part of it. Ken has done an amazing job of keeping this shop afloat,” said Mary Beth.

I co-starred with Evans on the CBS soap “As The World Turns.” However, the prolific actress has also appeared on ABC’s “General Hospital,” and in films as well. She is also currently blogging on the site Her blogging often includes gardening tips from the avid gardener and decorator.



The actress was recently seen on QVC hocking her frozen pies, which are available at Mary Beth’s Apple Pie Company was another venture that her handsome husband talked her into. After years of family and friends raving about Mary Beth’s culinary and baking skills, “My husband decided to challenge me to began marketing the products. I offer apple and pumpkin pies right now. And they are available at the website of Williams Sonoma. Just put in pies in their search engine and it’ll take you right to my pies. I really enjoy baking and these are now smaller individual sized pies, so no one has to complain about eating too much in one setting anymore,” said Mary Beth while laughing.

For ticket information for “Murder at the Howard Johnson’s,” which is playing at Studio C Artists at 6448 Santa Monica Blvd. in L.A., go to Opening night is on Thursday, September 22 at 8 p.m. The play runs through Friday, October 28.


Photograph of Mary Beth Evans Courtesy: Lany Films


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