The Art Of Confrontation

June 21st, 24th, & 25th

Here are the scripts and performers:
(click on the link to download the script)

Adam’s Rib – Josee Brisbois & Scott Gerard
Barefoot In The Park – Peter Bedard & Betty Law
Beaches – Katsy Chappell & Cara Petrie
Knocked Up – Monica Davis & Peter DiVito
Kramer vs. Kramer – Sean Patrick Murphy & Nicole Stanton
The Ref – Michelle Appezzato & Wilson Green
Small Time Crooks – Justine Klineman & Michael Lamb
When Harry Met Sally – Ron Bush & Alex Nicholas
Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? – Rhonda Lord & John Wilhovsky
The War Of The Roses – Evan McNamara & Yuki Sagara
The Women – Lynn Ayala & Christiana Pace

Contact List – click here to see a list and contact information for the actors in the show

Booking Rehearsals:
Rehearsal Notes:
  1. Scene partners need to get in touch with each other to coordinate schedules (use the list above for contact info).
  2. Rehearsals can be scheduled around your availability.  If you don’t see a time you like, just email us to let us know.
  3. Book rehearsals using the links above – then just click on the time you want and complete the information.
      • Be sure to include both scene partners emails.
      • Sample appointment title: “AOC Rehearsal #X: Scene Name”.
      • All rehearsals will be held at Studio C Artists, 6448 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038.
      • If you just pick one time, it’ll be automatically booked – or pick a swath of times for us to choose from – either way is fine.
  4. All actors must be off book before the first rehearsal.
  5. Book rehearsals in order (rehearsal #1 first, then rehearsal #2, etc.).
  6. If you need to reschedule, just email us and let us know – we can rebook the appointment for you.


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