Great Review on Curve Wire: “I Get Knocked Down…” Stands Up at Studio C

“I Get Knocked Down…” Stands Up at Studio C

Posted by RS Bailey on March 30, 2011 – 4:47pm

“I Get Knocked Down …”, written and performed by Evan McNamara, directed by John Coppola, at Studio C in Hollywood, is man’s journey across relationships and heartbreak, as told through fragmented parts of his personality. Each fragment lends insight into how he was blinded by love, and ultimately blind-sided by betrayal and the dissolution of his marriage. It is a unique approach to a one-man show that pays off for the audience.

Set simply on a stage with seven chairs of different styles, McNamara brings his audience on an excursion through his subconscious personalities that attempts to provide a deeper understanding of the meaning of unconditional love, the power of self, and the determination of an individual to change his life.

We first see Evan as a small child, with elf ears, grumbling about how his sister, the elfin vampire Raven, is sucking the emotion and love out of him. He goes on to explain his personalities to us in the guise of his guardian angel, Tucker. He introduces us to his feminine side, in bondage deep inside him, waiting to be pulled out in order to love. He unveils his womanizer, his scholar, the fun machine, and his martyr.
Each of the character segments are attempting to unite into a whole in order to find love and thrive.

As an actor, McNamara proves to be an exceedingly adept performer, bringing life and individuality to each of his subconscious characters. As a writer, some interesting questions are left unanswered. He only discusses two women in his life; his elfin vampire sister, and the woman he marries and has children with. The wife turns out to be a junkie and a hooker who sucks him almost as dry as his sister did. It makes one wonder about his mother, who is hardly mentioned. This is a little strange as he vociferously proclaims the importance of family and his devotion to it. Perhaps Mr. McNamara is not quite coming clean with his audience about the incarceration of his ability to love.

Director John Coppola has done an admirable job in mounting “I Get Knocked Down …”. He has correctly concentrated on working with the actor and the internal life of the character, as opposed to imposing flippant bits and behavior in an attempt to dress up the production. There are no dull moments.

While the set design is not credited, it is a fine example of how to give a production an effective look without it costing an arm and leg. The production takes the empty space with a wall painted in black enamel, backed by double lattice doors and windows. A graphic rust colored strip breaks up the block of the solid black walls, perfectly framing McNamara’s gleaming reflections in the wall in a hauntingly beautiful image.

“I Get Knocked Down …” performs alternating Saturdays and Sundays, Sat., April 16, and 23 at 8 PM; Sundays, April 3 and 10 at 3 PM through Saturday, April 23. Studio C Artists is located at 6448 Santa Monica Blvd, on Theatre Row in Hollywood. For tickets and information go online to

Tickets are on sale again for this weekend’s show on Sunday at 3pm.

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