Michael Sonntag On Rex Sikes’ Movie Beat

Michael Sonntag was a guest again this past week on Rex Sikes’ Movie Beat (www.rexsikes.com) – the online/radio talk show devoted to filmmakers, actors, and everyone interested in the movie industry.  Their conversation on Thursday’s interview covered topics ranging from the state of the entertainment industry (and what actors can do for themselves to work within this new reality) to what an actor should put on their reel, and how important the “slate” in in commercial auditioning.  At the end of the show, Rex invited Michael back soon to continue their conversation, since they ran out of time during the one-hour show.  The date of the next interview is still TBD – but Part 4 should happen sometime later this Summer.

As always, you can listen in live from anywhere via the internet (and we try to send out notice via Twitter when we can), but if you missed the show – or want to check out any of the others, they’re available through the Movie Beat website, or as a podcast from iTunes.  You can listen to this weeks or any other past interviews anytime.  Below, you’ll find this past week’s episode.


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